Nestle Philippines Kasambahay Habambuhay Short Film: Sign Seeker

This is just so cute that I want to share. A short film about a guy who keeps on asking for signs if he will pursue his pretty office-mate. John Lloyd is really a great actor and Solenn Heusaff looked so hot here.The visuals and animation made the film unique and entertaining. I am yet to see the rest of the short films by Nestle but it is such a a nice way to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

Many people who viewed the video are curious about the soundtrack especially for this one song about signs. According to what I researched, all the songs are especially made for this film but the album if there would be any is yet to be released. The title of the song is Waiting for a Sign by Loudbox. We are yet to hear the full version but in the meantime, here are some of the lyrics: 

Waiting for a Sign by Loudbox 

And I'll hold my breath
just until the train stops
Then I'll count to ten
Maybe I'll see raindrops
As I'm waiting for a sign

The cat wakes me up
A minute before the alarm goes
I can tell myself
Won't need him to say so
Waiting for a sign

Lean on to me don't ever
Look back again no never
Cos I am waiting forever
This is more than a sign
I am here and you're mine

If he takes me out
And we talk til midnight
And he holds my hand
Til then I'll just sit tight
Just waiting for a sign


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