Help Shamcey Supsup Win Online Poll of Miss Universe 2011: Guaranteed Slot in the Semifinals

The last time that a Filipina bagged the Miss Universe crown was in 1973. That was 38 years ago so to hope that the country’s representative for this year would be the 3rd Miss Universe from the Philippines is not asking too much.

And I think the Philippines has a great chance to win this year because our representative to this prestigious pageant, Shamcey Supsup is not only gorgeous but also very intelligent. From what I heard, she is an architect, a board exam topnotcher and a summa cum laude- oh god she’s almost perfect.

Another thing that would make her win possible is the fact that for the first time, Miss Universe is inviting the public to vote for their favorite candidate thru an online poll. The winner will be given a slot in the semifinals round.

The official voting started last August 20 and would be open until September 12 at 6am (Philippine time). Voting is open to anyone who is at least 16 years old and legally residing in any of the countries with a candidate to the 2011 Miss Universe. Only 10 votes per e-mail address per day will be counted. You can vote by going to

The grand coronation night of the Miss Universe 2011 will take place in Sau Paulo, Brazil on September 12.

Are You Going to Watch Tween Academy: Class of 2012 Movie

I was at SM Bacoor a few weeks ago at around 12 noon when I noticed that there were a lot of teenagers waiting at the activity area. I got curious so I checked it out and found out that it was because the casts of Tween Academy movie will have a show there at around 4 pm. Gosh, I wondered how could all those teenagers manage to be there so early and so willing to wait for hours. I really think that they can devote their time to more worthwhile things.

Honestly, I can’t remember a time when I was a teenager that I had become such a great fanatic. Still, I think these GMA7 talents are really popular. The term tween academy has been trending both in yahoo and twitter for days. So I guess one reminder that I am really in my 30’s is that I don’t really know any of them. Well, I am familiar with some, but most of them, I never even heard of until now.

But it’s easy to predict that Tween Academy: Class of 2012 is going to be a hit as it features the most popular teenagers of the Kapuso network. The story revolves around three high school outcasts on the onset of puberty. Enzo (Elmo Magalona), Kara (Barbie Forteza) and George (Bea Binene) have always been made fun of, and they’re also always the last to be befriended by anyone. So at the start of their junior year, they make a promise to each other that they will do whatever they can to change their social standings. From being zeroes, the three will work their way to becoming part of the popular crowd.

The movie will be on the cinemas starting August 24. Watch the trailer now:

Freska Restaurant Review

As far as I know, Freska Restaurant is a new dining place in town that claims to serve Ilonggo seafood and inasal. I am not sure if they are popular in Iloilo but they do not have so many branches here in Manila yet.

Anyway, I was able to try their dishes and service because I purchased a voucher from a group buying site. It was a set meal for two that costs only Php 197- apparently it was a 50% off deal.
The deal is available in several Freska branches and I bought it thinking that I would purchase it in their Cubao branch since it was nearest my place of work. Unfortunately, the Cubao branch had to undergo renovation and when I called for a reservation, they want me to select another branch. I think it's wrong that they will offer a deal to a place if they plan to renovate it. They should have waited until the end of the promo before they renovated the place or if the renovation is  impossible to delay, they should have presented a better alternative for buyers who chose the Cubao branch. The other options are Tagaytay which is really far, RCBC Makati which is not open on weekends and Tiendesitas.
I settled with the Tiendesitas place so the voucher will not be wasted. The set meal consists of two rice (served cold), sinigang na ulo ng salmon, pork sisig, daing na bangus and two iced teas served in very small plastic cups- this apparently costs Php394.
In fairness the staff are quite nice when we presented the voucher. But as for the food- I don't find anything extraordinary about them. My mother's sinigang tastes a lot better than their sinigang na salmon. The pork sisig is very oily and I think the daing na bangus at home also tastes much better. I am just grateful that I am able to try this restaurant with a bit of a discount.

Benefits of a Gmail Account

Hey, I am starting to appreciate Gmail account lately and I just want to share some of my recent discoveries. I think Gmail is quite underrated because it has many services that are not available to Yahoomail. Here are some of the things I tried doing via Gmail. You may want to try them too:
Send Free Text Messages: This new service called Gmail-to-SMS, allows Filipinos to send and receive text messages to any mobile number in the Philippines (works for Globe, Smart and Sun numbers).
Compared to Chikka, sending SMS thru Gmail is faster and easier since you don't need to download anything or register; no need to supply username and password too. You only need to type in your name, the mobile number of the recipient and the message thru a Gmail chat window.
Sending a reply to a message sent via Gmail will cost Php2.00, cheaper than Chikka which charges Php2.50. One can send up to 50 text messages per mobile number. If there is no reply to your messages, the text allocation will be reduced until it reaches zero. An additional 1 free text is added every 24 hours and you also get to replenish your free text allocation. Every time you get a reply to your SMS from Gmail, you get 5 extra free texts.
Forward Messages from Gmail to Yahoo or other Email account: Managing two email accounts can be difficult sometimes so it's nice that Gmail allows their users to forward messages to another email account.
A friend said that Yahoo also offers the same service but it is not free. Well, Gmail offers it for free and if you want to try it, here's how:
  1. Go to the Mail Settings of your Gmail account.
  2. Click the tab for Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  3. Click the Add a Forwarding Address tab.
  4. Then enter the email address where you want your Gmails to be forwarded
  5. A verification link will be sent to the email address specified.

Jollibee Online Delivery Thru Facebook

It was raining hard last Saturday night in Cavite where my family decided to spend the weekend. We ate an early dinner at 5pm so we are hungry again at around 8pm. We are craving for midnight snacks but we don’t want to go out because of the rain.

Unfortunately there are no interesting food stalls in our area where we can conveniently buy food. My husband suggested take out food for a change but I figured it would be difficult since we do not have a landline phone. It was then that I remember that Jollibee is offering an online delivery via Facebook.

So I tried it and I find it simple and easy. There is a catalog of meals and you just choose the food you want. You can cancel an order made within 5 minutes after placing an order. Then after confirming your purchase, you would receive a copy of your orders thru email.

Minutes after confirmation, we received a call from Joliibee to inform us that one of our orders is not available and offered us an alternative. After more or less 20 minutes, the Jollibee delivery boy is already knocking on our door.

This is not a paid post or anything but for those who are craving for fries and burgers and want to order take out food, I would recommend the Jollibee online delivery service.

I am not sure if there are other restos that offer this kind of service but I think this is the most convenient way to order food from a resto. Their technology is fast, simple plus they are open 24/7. And you can do it via Facebook!

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