Freska Restaurant Review

As far as I know, Freska Restaurant is a new dining place in town that claims to serve Ilonggo seafood and inasal. I am not sure if they are popular in Iloilo but they do not have so many branches here in Manila yet.

Anyway, I was able to try their dishes and service because I purchased a voucher from a group buying site. It was a set meal for two that costs only Php 197- apparently it was a 50% off deal.
The deal is available in several Freska branches and I bought it thinking that I would purchase it in their Cubao branch since it was nearest my place of work. Unfortunately, the Cubao branch had to undergo renovation and when I called for a reservation, they want me to select another branch. I think it's wrong that they will offer a deal to a place if they plan to renovate it. They should have waited until the end of the promo before they renovated the place or if the renovation is  impossible to delay, they should have presented a better alternative for buyers who chose the Cubao branch. The other options are Tagaytay which is really far, RCBC Makati which is not open on weekends and Tiendesitas.
I settled with the Tiendesitas place so the voucher will not be wasted. The set meal consists of two rice (served cold), sinigang na ulo ng salmon, pork sisig, daing na bangus and two iced teas served in very small plastic cups- this apparently costs Php394.
In fairness the staff are quite nice when we presented the voucher. But as for the food- I don't find anything extraordinary about them. My mother's sinigang tastes a lot better than their sinigang na salmon. The pork sisig is very oily and I think the daing na bangus at home also tastes much better. I am just grateful that I am able to try this restaurant with a bit of a discount.


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