Help Shamcey Supsup Win Online Poll of Miss Universe 2011: Guaranteed Slot in the Semifinals

The last time that a Filipina bagged the Miss Universe crown was in 1973. That was 38 years ago so to hope that the country’s representative for this year would be the 3rd Miss Universe from the Philippines is not asking too much.

And I think the Philippines has a great chance to win this year because our representative to this prestigious pageant, Shamcey Supsup is not only gorgeous but also very intelligent. From what I heard, she is an architect, a board exam topnotcher and a summa cum laude- oh god she’s almost perfect.

Another thing that would make her win possible is the fact that for the first time, Miss Universe is inviting the public to vote for their favorite candidate thru an online poll. The winner will be given a slot in the semifinals round.

The official voting started last August 20 and would be open until September 12 at 6am (Philippine time). Voting is open to anyone who is at least 16 years old and legally residing in any of the countries with a candidate to the 2011 Miss Universe. Only 10 votes per e-mail address per day will be counted. You can vote by going to

The grand coronation night of the Miss Universe 2011 will take place in Sau Paulo, Brazil on September 12.


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