Jollibee Online Delivery Thru Facebook

It was raining hard last Saturday night in Cavite where my family decided to spend the weekend. We ate an early dinner at 5pm so we are hungry again at around 8pm. We are craving for midnight snacks but we don’t want to go out because of the rain.

Unfortunately there are no interesting food stalls in our area where we can conveniently buy food. My husband suggested take out food for a change but I figured it would be difficult since we do not have a landline phone. It was then that I remember that Jollibee is offering an online delivery via Facebook.

So I tried it and I find it simple and easy. There is a catalog of meals and you just choose the food you want. You can cancel an order made within 5 minutes after placing an order. Then after confirming your purchase, you would receive a copy of your orders thru email.

Minutes after confirmation, we received a call from Joliibee to inform us that one of our orders is not available and offered us an alternative. After more or less 20 minutes, the Jollibee delivery boy is already knocking on our door.

This is not a paid post or anything but for those who are craving for fries and burgers and want to order take out food, I would recommend the Jollibee online delivery service.

I am not sure if there are other restos that offer this kind of service but I think this is the most convenient way to order food from a resto. Their technology is fast, simple plus they are open 24/7. And you can do it via Facebook!


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