Do it Yourself Birthday Party

September is a special month for me because it is the birthday month of my daughter, Sophie. Yes, she turned 2 last September 5 and for this year, we decided to hold the celebration at home. It is a much simpler one compared to her 1st birthday. Nevertheless, it is as memorable as the first.

I thought we can save on balloons because we have an inflater. But I think it would have been better if we bough ready-made balloons na lang. Inflating balloons is not as easy as it seems plus the balloons we bought at a thrift store seems to be of low quality. Here are some of the balloons we managed to make.

The simple menu:


The Birthday Cake

Shrimps with Baguio Beans


Hotdogs and Marshmallows

We also had ice cream, lumpiang shanghai, pininyahang manok and steamed tilapia.

I made a simple lootbags with assorted candies on it.

The party was held at home and we only send invites to a few people so we spend less this year but you know, I guess we enjoyed it more. As there is no time restriction to think at home, the party lasted almost all day, with videoke singing, a little drinking and lots of eating.

Cellphone Plan That Offers The Best Value for Your Money

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A Short Visit at The Farm @San Benito, Lipa Batangas

 I was able to visit The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, Batangas last July. I was with my husband, my daughter and my mother. We all woke up very early one Sunday morning for the more or less 2-hour drive to Batangas. It was a very very short visit but not short enough for us not to able to take pictures.

Here are some of them:

Glee 3D Concert Movie Review

My Monday started right this week even if I am laden with so many tasks at the office. It also happens to be the first day of my menstruation and as I had only a few hours of sleep the night before, I suffered a major headache which almost had me running home because I am useless at the office.

Well I did went home early that day, partly because of the headache and partly because I won two tickets to the advanced screening of Glee 3D concert movie in SM Megamall Cinema 1! Yes, talk about luck. The tickets were courtesy of Warner Bros and I got it by joining a contest in the Astroplus FB page.


The movie is at 8pm but I went home at 4pm so I can still have time for my daughter before heading to the cinema. I tagged my husband along even though I know that he has no interest in Glee. As for me, I am still a fan of Glee even if their Season 2 is kind of disappointing. I hope Glee Season3 will be a lot better.  Well, here’s my brief review:

First, I think I’m grateful that I was able to watch it for free. It seems that the line of Sue Sylvester in the trailer is quite true- you know saying that it’s a waste of money. Not because the concert was bad. The performances of the Glee casts are fantastic; I just think that I would be able to watch all of it in YouTube for free.

Amidst performances, they feature the stories of real-life fans of Glee and I don’t like that part. I wish they had focused on the Glee characters and the Glee series more. It is a movie for Glee fans because those new to Glee would not be able to understand. I hope the movie caters also to those who have no idea about Glee and thus may be able to gain new fans through the movie.

The most memorable performances are from Heather Morris which is gorgeous and from the Warblers. I barely saw Quinn and I hope Dianna Agron had more performances.

In the end, the movie was a bit bitin. I am not sure if that is really the whole Glee concert. I wish I would be able to watch a Glee concert live too so I can write a better review.

Watch Korean Films at SM Cinemas for Free

Yes I am one of the many Filipinos who love Koreanovelas. Their dramas are heartbreaking, their comedies are hilarious and their love stories are so unforgettable. And of course, the actors and actresses look perfect—even the guys look like girls because of their flawless skin and hair. So I guess many would be happy to know that they can watch Korean films at SM cinemas for free. The Korean Film Festival started yesterday, Sept 20 and would run until October 2.

The participating cinemas are SM North, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Cebu. As usual this is first come, first serve. It is advised to get your tickets at least 2 hours before the screening period to guarantee your slot.

Here are the feature films and the schedules:

Synopsis: Secret Reunion

Song Kang-ho, an ex-agent of the National Intelligence Service who is very careful about his actions, is paired with Kang Dong-won, a former spy from the North. Song’s character was released from the NIS six years after the gunfight which happened in the heart of Seoul; however, both men keep their identities hidden from each other.

Scandal Maker

Nam Hyun Soo was a very famous idol worshipped like God by teens. Though he is in his mid-thirties now, he is still one of the most sought-after celebrity in the industry and a DJ in a radio show. One of his listeners, Jung-nam, sends him letters narrating her willingness to see her father whom she never met. Her story became a hit and catapults the show’s ratings to be the most popular program. But one day, Jung-nam knocks on Hyun Soo’s door claiming that the father he hasn’t met is none other than him.

Happy Life

The plot revolves around three former members of college rock band, Volcano, who were reunited by the death of their leader. At the funeral, a young, jobless lead guitarist Gi-Young (Jang Geun Suk) suggested that they reform the band with him as the new front man.

My Dear Enemy

Hee-Soo, who is living a miserable life as a single woman in her thirties, sets out to find her ex-boyfriend, Byoung Woon who owes her $1000. Byeong Woon is also penniless but knows that girls are willing to give him money. Hee-Soo follows him as he visits many girls for money and starts a one-day journey that will change her life again.

Hwang Jin Yi

A film based on the story of Hwang Jin Yi, the most renowned courtesan of the Chosun Dynasty. She was a beautiful, talented and intelligent young woman who has no other choice but to become a gisaeng because she was an illegitimate child. The movie shows how she used her position and her charm to gain favor from the upper class, as well as his love affair with a male servant named Nom-yi.

For Eternal Hearts

An ordinary college boy Su-young meets an extraordinary girl named Pippi on campus. He fell in love with Pippi which did not last long because the latter ended her life at a student demonstration. While trying to get over Pippi, he was hired as a tutor for a girl named Su-young. He was almost at the brink of giving up because of Su-young’s peculiar personality but something is stopping him from doing so. He soon fell in love with Su-young and bizarre things started to happen.

Christmas In August

The film is about Jung-won who falls in love with Da-Rim while suffering from an unnamed illness. He hides the fact to Da-Rim and tries to continue living as usual, spending time with his friends and family.

SM Mall of Asia (Cinema 6)

September 21
My Dear Enemy - 6:30PM
Hwang Jin Yi - 9:30PM

September 22
Christmas in August - 6:30PM
Eternal Hearts - 9:30PM

September 23
Secret Reunion - 6:30PM
Happy Life - 9:30PM

September 24
Hwang Jin Yi - 12:45PM
Eternal Hearts - 3:00PM
Christmas in August - 7:30PM

September 25
Happy Life - 12:45PM
Scandal Maker - 3:00PM
My Dear Enemy - 7:30PM

SM North Edsa (Cinema 3)

September 20
Hwang Jin Yi - 1:40PM
Secret Reunion - 6:30PM

September 21
Scandal Maker - 1:40PM
Eternal Hearts - 6:30PM

September 22
Happy Life - 1:40PM
My Dear Enemy - 6:30PM

September 23
Christmas in August - 1:40PM
Scandal Maker - 6:30PM

September 24
Secret Reunion - 1:40PM
Happy Life - 6:30PM
My Dear Enemy - 9:30PM

September 25
Hwang Jin Yi - 1:40PM
Eternal Hearts - 6:30PM
Christmas in August - 9:30PM

SM Cebu (Cinema 1)

September 28 (Premiere Screening)
Scandal Maker - 1:30PM

September 28 (Regular Screening)
Eternal Hearts - 7:30PM
Happy Life - 9:30PM

September 29
Hwang Jin Yi - 5:30PM
Christmas in August - 7:30PM
Secret Reunion - 9:30PM

September 30
Eternal Hearts - 5:30PM
My Dear Enemy - 7:30PM
Scandal Maker - 9:30PM

October 1
Happy Life - 5:30PM
Secret Reunion - 7:30PM
My Dear Enemy - 9:30PM

October 2
Christmas in August - 5:30PM
Hwang Jin Yi - 7:30PM
Eternal Hearts - 9:30PM

For more information, log on to

An Afternoon Delight: Bejewelled Spa in Ortigas

Since I started working, 2011 seems to be the busiest. There are so many tasks to do and targets to meet that can sometimes be overwhelming. There are also times when I want to complain because my boss seems to forget that there are only three people (actually only two) in our group and we are handling close to ten websites. So last June, when my group did our mid-year report- it was really satisfying to hear my boss say that he appreciates all our hard work. As a reward, he gave the three of us spa and massage vouchers for Bejewelled Spa in Ortigas.

Last Friday, our boss allowed us to go out as early as 2:45pm so we can finally use the vouchers. I am a bit ashamed to admit that it was actually my first time to experience a full body spa and massage treatment. The vouchers entitle us to the following services; one hour body massage, one hour deep moisturizing dead sea salt scrub, and hair spa.

One downside of this spa center is its location which is at the inner part of the GoldPark Center in Ortigas so it s so unlikely to see it right away. One may still need to ask the guard to point its exact location. The place is so hidden that of one of my officemates joked that they may be offering extra service.

But inside, the place looks clean and decent. I love the relaxing interior designs of Bejewelled Spa.

The therapists are polite and friendly. They immediately offered us our lockers and robes so we can undress right away. Then we were led to the spa room and the first treatment was the hair spa. I did not really feel it -she just put some hair cream and that’s it. Then she proceeded to give me a body scrub. As it was my first time, I am a little embarrassed to lie there almost naked and have someone to practically scrub my whole body. I had to keep myself from giggling most of the time. It was my favorite part of the package. 

After 60 minutes of scrubbing, we were asked to go to the shower room to rinse. I love the shower part too because I love the feel of the oil on my skin, I felt so moisturized. I am contented with the body scrub actually but there is still the one-hour body massage.

I am a newbie to spa centers, but I guess that based from the excellent service and the really relaxing massage, I believe that Bejewelled Spa is one of the best.

32nd Manila International Book Fair This September

An event for all book lovers, the Manila International Book Fair, said to be the longest-running book events in Asia is happening this month. This annual event gathers together writers/authors, publishers, book sellers, and readers in one place.

Event: 32nd Manila International Book Fair
Venue: Exhibit Halls 1 – 4, SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, Metro Manila
Event Dates: September 14 - 18, 2011
Event Hours: 10:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Who Wants to Watch Miss Universe 2011 Live Online?

Everyone is excited for the Miss universe 2011 that will happen in San Paolo, Brazil today. Many people are hoping that our country’s bet this year, Ms. Shamcey Supsup will be able to bring home the crown.

The telecast of Miss Universe 2011 will be shown on ABSCBN at around 8:30 am. But for those people who will not have access to a TV screen at this time of day (because they are at work or something) may optt o watch Miss Universe 2011 via live streaming online.

For those who want to watch Miss Universe 2011 live online, here are some of the links you can visit:

Miss Universe 2011 Liveblog:

Enjoy and share!

Watch Films for Free: Europe Film Festival at Shang Cineplex

It is time to enjoy free movies again at the Shang Cineplex. The Europe Film Festival started last September 9. I am so sorry that this entry is so late but at least not so late as the Europe Film Festival will run until September 18.

This CineEuropa film festival features seventeen (17) movies with different genres. To get a free ticket, be sure that you are at the Shang Cineplex Cinema 1 thirty minutes before the screening .

Europe Film Festival: Movie Synopsis and Schedule:

Exchange (Schimb Valutar, 2008)
The film follows a factory worker who sells off all of his belongings to finance a move to Australia, only to get conned out of his money. In typical Romanian style, the film can be pretty bleak, but it also manages to be intensely human. Set during the aftermath of the Romanian revolution, the film explores people in a state of change, looking for brighter and better things but finding suffering along the way.

Letter to America (Pismo do Amerika, 2001)
The film follows a young writer who travels to a remote Bulgarian village to record a song for his best friend. His best friend is in America and in a coma, and he hopes that the song, which is said to revive the dead, will help bring him back into the world. Letter to America explores the struggle between the old and new Bulgaria, revealing a rich culture cut off from the rest of the world, and a generation of young people disconnected from their roots.

Intact (Intacto, 2001)
Is the kind of film that people either really love or really hate. In either case, its propensity for eliciting strong opinions makes it worth a look. The film takes place in a mysterious desert Casino where the “god of chance” (Max Von Sydow) facilitates a series of games for four, tenuously connected characters. The film crafts extravagant set pieces that explore the philosophical ramifications of the very concept of luck. It’s heady, sometimes ridiculous stuff. Some people will have their mind blown. Some will just scratch their heads and wonder what all the fuss is about. Both reactions are surprisingly valid.

Mammoth (Mammut)
About how the quiet life of a couple changes after the husband faces unlikely encounters during his travels.

How About Love
About a doctor who travels to the Thai-Burmese border and gets caught up in the affairs of a refugee camp. All of these films are well intentioned, shedding light on some of the great injustices that took place in the world. But the films place drama ahead of the truth, and often come off as a bit superficial.

Little Robbers (Die Kleinen Rauber, 2009)

Revenge and retribution is the name of the game where siblings Robby and Louise attempt to rob the bank that forcibly banished their parents from their apartment after their father lost his job; and Belgium’s Long Weekend, where two ex-factory workers kidnap their former boss to make him pay for the damages he caused his workers when his company went bankrupt.

Long Weekend (Verlengd Weekend)
Two ex-factory workers kidnap their former boss to make him pay for the damages he caused his workers when his company went bankrupt.

An Ordinary Execution (Une Execution Ordinaire, 2010)
A young urologist and healer who gets into a relationship with the dictator Stalin, and is cast under his manipulative spell.

Princess (Prinsessa, 2010)
About a mental patient who believes that she's royalty. She’s being treated by a doctor who's a little too eager to try out all sorts of new medical techniques in the treatment of schizophrenia. Though the premise might sound like a recipe for treacle, Princess can be a surprisingly complex depiction of mental illness and treatment in the forties. There are no easy heroes or villains; just people trying to do their best with the limited information that they have. The cast is madeup of some of Finland’s greatest actors, their talent bringing that complexity to life.

The Silent Army (Wit Licht, 2008)
The journey of 11-year-old Abu, who is kidnapped and forced to join the war. Follow a white restaurant owner in Africa as he sets out to find a friend's missing son, only to find a camp training child soldiers.

Mosquitoe's Tango (Tango S Komarmi, 2009)
About a man who returns to Slovakia seeking a divorce in order to remarry. His fiancee, afraid that he might stray, hires an actor to keep an eye on him. The film is a funny look at a couple of people coming face to face with the people they've become, and the people that they used to be.

The Escape ((Flugten, 2010)
It tells the story of a journalist kidnapped by terrorists who eventually escapes thanks to the help of one of her captors. Their paths cross again, leading to a tense and difficult confrontation. The Escape is a pretty conventional thriller, and it falls into many of the traps of the genre. But if the goal is to get the blood pumping, then the movie certainly succeeds.

Grapes (Bobule, 2008)
About the adventures of two young men—one is trying to master wine making after inheriting his grandfather's vineyard, while the other is a small-time crook and ladies' man.

The Lark Farm (La Masseria delle allodole, 2007)
Brothers Aram and Assadour, who have not seen each other in a long time, attempt to reunite but get stuck in the travails of a war between countries.

It follows three female detectives working cases that end up affecting their personal lives. One of them is tasked with infiltrating a factory and finding dirt on a manager trying to form a union.

Young Goethe In Love (Goethe!, 2010)
Pretty much what the title says, following Goethe in his years as a law student, in love with an alluring young woman named Lotte. It chronicles German poet Johann’s love affair with the beautiful yet feisty Lotte Buff, which ultimately inspired his literary masterpiece, The Sorrows of Young Werther.

Never Let Me Go
Childhood friends come to terms with their love for one other while preparing themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them.

 September 11
          o Little Greek Godfather - 12:00PM
          o The Lark Farm - 3:00PM
          o The Silent Army - 6:00PM
          o Exchange - 9:00PM

September 12
          o Intacto - 12:00PM
          o Mosquitoes Tango - 3:00PM
          o Mammoth - 6:00PM
          o How About Love - 9:00PM

September 13
          o Never Let Me Go - 12:00PM
          o Little Robbers - 3:00PM
          o Long Weekend - 6:00PM
          o Letter to America - 9:00PM

September 14
          o The Silent Army - 12:00PM
          o The Escape - 3:00PM
          o Princess - 6:00PM
          o An Ordinary Execution - 9:00PM

September 15
          o Goethe - 12:00PM
          o Little Greek Godfather - 3:00PM
          o The Lark Farm - 6:00PM
          o The Silent Army - 9:00PM

September 16
          o Exchange - 12:00PM
          o Mosquitoes Tango - 3:00PM
          o Mataharis - 6:00PM
          o Mammoth - 9:00PM

September 17
          o How About Love - 12:00PM
          o Never Let Me Go - 3:00PM
          o Little Greek Godfather - 6:00PM
          o Long Weekend - 9:00PM

September 18
          o Letter to America - 12:00PM
          o Grapes - 3:00PM
          o The Escape - 6:00PM
          o Princess - 9:00PM

For more information, log on to

Old Man's Shirt to a New Dress

I saw this video and just have to share it here because I am so amazed at the creativity of the video creator. I am yet to try it and I hope I can do it right.

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