An Afternoon Delight: Bejewelled Spa in Ortigas

Since I started working, 2011 seems to be the busiest. There are so many tasks to do and targets to meet that can sometimes be overwhelming. There are also times when I want to complain because my boss seems to forget that there are only three people (actually only two) in our group and we are handling close to ten websites. So last June, when my group did our mid-year report- it was really satisfying to hear my boss say that he appreciates all our hard work. As a reward, he gave the three of us spa and massage vouchers for Bejewelled Spa in Ortigas.

Last Friday, our boss allowed us to go out as early as 2:45pm so we can finally use the vouchers. I am a bit ashamed to admit that it was actually my first time to experience a full body spa and massage treatment. The vouchers entitle us to the following services; one hour body massage, one hour deep moisturizing dead sea salt scrub, and hair spa.

One downside of this spa center is its location which is at the inner part of the GoldPark Center in Ortigas so it s so unlikely to see it right away. One may still need to ask the guard to point its exact location. The place is so hidden that of one of my officemates joked that they may be offering extra service.

But inside, the place looks clean and decent. I love the relaxing interior designs of Bejewelled Spa.

The therapists are polite and friendly. They immediately offered us our lockers and robes so we can undress right away. Then we were led to the spa room and the first treatment was the hair spa. I did not really feel it -she just put some hair cream and that’s it. Then she proceeded to give me a body scrub. As it was my first time, I am a little embarrassed to lie there almost naked and have someone to practically scrub my whole body. I had to keep myself from giggling most of the time. It was my favorite part of the package. 

After 60 minutes of scrubbing, we were asked to go to the shower room to rinse. I love the shower part too because I love the feel of the oil on my skin, I felt so moisturized. I am contented with the body scrub actually but there is still the one-hour body massage.

I am a newbie to spa centers, but I guess that based from the excellent service and the really relaxing massage, I believe that Bejewelled Spa is one of the best.


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