Do it Yourself Birthday Party

September is a special month for me because it is the birthday month of my daughter, Sophie. Yes, she turned 2 last September 5 and for this year, we decided to hold the celebration at home. It is a much simpler one compared to her 1st birthday. Nevertheless, it is as memorable as the first.

I thought we can save on balloons because we have an inflater. But I think it would have been better if we bough ready-made balloons na lang. Inflating balloons is not as easy as it seems plus the balloons we bought at a thrift store seems to be of low quality. Here are some of the balloons we managed to make.

The simple menu:


The Birthday Cake

Shrimps with Baguio Beans


Hotdogs and Marshmallows

We also had ice cream, lumpiang shanghai, pininyahang manok and steamed tilapia.

I made a simple lootbags with assorted candies on it.

The party was held at home and we only send invites to a few people so we spend less this year but you know, I guess we enjoyed it more. As there is no time restriction to think at home, the party lasted almost all day, with videoke singing, a little drinking and lots of eating.


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