Sophie’s Pictures at Pic a Boo

One proof that a company gives good service is when customers come back and I think this is one thing I can say about Pic a Boo Photo studio. I first tried their services when my daughter turned 1 and I want a nice picture to remember that momentous event.

This year, going back to Pic a Boo for a 2nd birthday pic is really in my plan. It was fortunate though that I was able to buy a discount voucher of Pic a Boo from Ensogo. After a year, not much has changed with the rates and terms so my 1st Pic A Boo photo studio review
is still applicable. 
I am satisfied with Pic a Boo services before so I am excited and have high expectations. Unfortunately, Sophie was not in the mood and unlike the first time, she was not in the mood for the whole 30-minute photo session. I think she doesn't like the photographer. The result- she is not smiling in any of the pics. I am also a bit disappointed because some of their costumes are old and tattered. But still, I was able to choose a few pictures to print.

At least, I was able to get a privilege card which entitles me to freebies and discounts. Imagine, last “Grandparents Day”, Sophie and my mother gets a free photo session and one 8x11 printout.

Overall, I would still recommend Pic a Boo and I am still coming back. Here are some of the pictures:


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