Happy 11-11-11! The Meaning of November 11, 2011

Happy November 11, 2011 everyone!
It's Friday and I am the earliest to came in at the office today! I woke up so early (up at 5:10 am) so I am out of the house by 6:50 am. My husband is also expecting a cash bonus today. So far, so good- this is turning out to be a really lucky day.
I also noticed that there are so many events lined up today. A lantern lighting something at the Banchetto Megatent, the wedding of a famous Filipino boxer, a bunch of job fairs, and a free concert at the UST Open Grounds.
This is said to be a very lucky day for weddings and starting a business. But I also heard that 11-11-11 is not so unique because we almost had the same number on January 1, 2011
And apparently one can make a wish at exactly 11:11 am or maybe also at 11:11 pm and it will come true! I will try this!
Of course, the cynics are saying that today is the end of the world. Well a day like this doesn't happen everyday. So let's smile, enjoy the moment, and spread the good vibes!


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