Picnic grove in Tagaytay and Chateau Royale in Batangas: Happy & Relaxing Weekend Getaway

The week before was so busy and I felt so pressured. It was also a week filled with so many events at home and at the office. I literally felt that I need to rest or maybe I have to quit work for a while. I think I survived it by just letting things be-no excessive worrying, not thinking much, and just doing what I can at the moment. And of course by relying on God’s strength and guidance.

Anyway another thing that helped me cope with pressure is looking forward to the long weekend. It’s because I scheduled a reservation for a 2-day and 1-night stay at the Chateau Royale, a sports and country club in Nasugbu, Batangas for the whole family. I was able to buy the voucher at CashCashPinoy.

We left home (Mandaluyong area) at around 6:15 am on Saturday. There were 9 of us in the group- five adults and four children and our travel was a breeze. There was no traffic at all so by 7:30 am, we are already in Tagaytay. The plan was to visit Picnic Grove first as our check in time at the hotel is still at 2pm.

That is where we ate our breakfast, merienda, and lunch. My mother and I prepared pansit canton, buttered chicken, hotdogs, sandwich and lots and lots of snacks and drinks.

The weather was lovely!

The entrance at Picnic Grove is now Php50 per head. We also rented a cottage worth Php150. There are not so many people that day and the weather was perfect, no rain, mild sunshine, and cool breeze.

I just got a bit annoyed because everywhere you go, you would be approached by someone offering a horseback or a boat ride to Taal lake.

Anyway we tried the services of therapists that roam the area offering a head and back massage for 15 minutes. In fairness, the massage felt relaxing.

Around 12:20 pm, we left Picnic Grove and head on to Nasugbu. We arrived at Chateau Royale around 1:30 pm and stayed there until Sunday noon. Will make a separate post about this experience later.

Overall it was a hassle-free and happy weekend getaway for the whole family. Everything went as planned and we get the much needed rest and relaxation we need. Thank you God for this blessing!


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