First Payment from Google Adsense

Earning money from your blog by using Google Adsense is not easy. In my experience, it requires lots of effort and patience. In fact I find Google Adsense very frustrating at first. When I started blogging, my Google Adsense earnings are actually zero. It was pathetic because I would be thrilled on days when my Adsense earnings would register a 0.1 to 0.10 amount until it dawned on me that it is only equivalent to more or less Php4 pesos.

I actually have given up on Adsense and just focus on blogging for the love of it. Besides, aside from Adsense, there are still many ways to earn from blogging.

Until I discovered niche blogging, SEO and social media and started to create new blogs for experiment. That is when my Adsense earnings started to rise. The amount are not huge but it is great improvement from my previous zero earnings.

And last November is a momentous event for my blogs because finally, I hit the USD100 required amount for payment in Google Adsense. My earnings hit USD100 in November and I was able to withdraw my earnings thru Western Union in December.

It was really nice to earn from doing something you love. I hope to receive my next Google Adsense payment soon.


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