It’s More Fun in the Philippines of DOT: Like or Dislike?

The hashtag #itsmorefuninthePhilippines is trending in Twitter today and I am so amused with all the twitter entries under it. 

My officemate informed me this morning that the new slogan the Department of Tourism (DOT) plan to use this year to promote our country is – "It's More Fun in the Philippines." We both found the new DOT slogan not so appealing. 

But it is trending both in Yahoo and Twitter today and I am having fun reading twitter posts about it. Some say that it is more fun in the Philippines because it is the only country where there is a gay lingo, the only country where glutathione's are everywhere, and where one can celebrate Christmas in a bikini.

I also read one tweet saying that word "more" in the slogan seems to imply superiority and comparison. For me the slogan seems so common, like I have read or heard it somewhere before. But I am hoping that it would be help in making the job of DOT easier - to make a beautiful image of the Philippines to the rest of the world. How about you? Like it or dislike it?


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