My 2011 in a Blog Post

For me year 2011 did not pass by in a flash. You know the feeling that it was a slow year. I mean I have been waiting for 2011 to be over since it started. But in that course of waiting- it's amazing how so many things happened. I feel like 2011 is equivalent to 10 years.

Maybe because 2011 had been a year of transitions in my work and in my personal life. I have done so many projects at work – others are successful, some are still in the process of completion, and in others I failed.
It was a year of travels and despedida as many family members went abroad. My sister had to go to Abu Dhabi because of a job offer; a cousin went to Japan after for a scholarship program. And my mother's US immigrant visa finally got approved. In 2011, I felt like I am always saying goodbye to people dear to me and every time, I would feel nostalgic and sad.
It was a year when I had to take care of so many things so I am practically stressed out all the time. But I think it made me more responsible, forced me to multi-task, and taught me how to manage my time well. A year I discovered I can cook, a year I got my first payment from Adsense (yey!) a year I danced in front of the whole office for a Christmas party presentation (really embarrassing!), a year I planned an out of town family outing and it was successful.   
In my family, my husband and I learned so many things this year. We learned so much about ourselves, learned how to be a better parent for our daughter Sophie, and how to be a better wife/husband for each other. This post would be a novel if I would go into details but I can say that we are a better person than before. My daughter is growing up so fast and she is my top priority.
It's ironic how during 2011, I kept saying that is not my year but looking back- it was actually a very exciting and fulfilling year. I praise God for all the blessings and guidance he has generously given me and my family.


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