Teambuilding at Rizal Recreation Center, Laguna

This is a really really late post. Last October, our company finally had a “real” teambuilding activity. I said “real” because after almost six years of working for this company, our teambuilding events are just so so. Usually, the whole team simply go out to do something fun as a group and that's it. However, this time, we have a team of facilitators to plan and supervise the activities.

When I first heard that we are going to have a teambuilding, I couldn’t believe it. My boss doesn’t like holding company events in far locations and of it is not in his nature to splurge. Well,  I guess things have changed and I’m glad it’s for the better. In fairness, our company has grown and improved so much and I am proud of that.

One month before the teambuilding, the poster in our bulletin board details the activities for that 2-day event. The event will be handled by the group that conducts Bible study at the office and I initially don’t want to join. Well until my boss made an offer I can’t refuse - all who will attend will have a 3-day offset.
One the day of the teambuilding, our boss rented a whole bus to take us to the venue which is at the Rizal Recreation Center in San Pablo, Laguna. We had to be at the office at around 6 am so it was nice that a hot breakfast is waiting for all of us.

The teambuilding started at the bus where we had fun games including a mini-videoke contest, charades, and Pinoy Henyo. We were literally laughing all the way to Laguna. When we arrived at the location, we first deposited our belongings to a hall which is part of the package because the rooms would still be available at 2pm. So from 11-12 am, we had a team bowling competition. 

My team won this game. Then we had buffet lunch at the venue’s canteen. The food is great- super love it. After lunch, we had a big volleyball game and an amazing race. The evening was reserved for a teambuilding reflection.  Then we had worship and sharing sessions on the second day.

About Rizal Recreation Center, Laguna

I think this place really caters to companies or groups who wants a retreat or a teambuilding activity. The place is comfy, relaxing, and huge.

The rooms where we stayed at is good for eight to ten people. It has 4 double-deck beds and a toilet and bath. It is not air-conditioned, no TV and well no free towel, shampoo or soap. Though the bowling area and some of the facilities are not new, I like the aura of calmness and homey ambience here.  They said the water in this place (including water from the toilet) is potable. Still I dare not drink water from the shower. 

The strength of this place is the food (ang sarap!) and their buffet serving is generous. I would love to return to this place just for the food. They say they only uses organic ingredients, bake their own breads, make their own sugar and grow their own vegetables.

So  that’s it- I joined the teambuilding activity at the office and I’m glad I did. I got the break that I need and I got to appreciate my job, my boss and my co-workers more.


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