Samsung Galaxy Y Review

For my birthday this year, my husband gave me a wonderful gift- a new Samsung Galaxy Y GTS-5360 Android phone. It comes with a2GB microSD card, Wall charger, headset, USB cable, warranty and manual.

I appreciate my husband’s thoughtfulness and effort but really my first reaction was how much it cost. Probably because it looks expensive and one of my goals this year is minimizing spending.

Fortunately, this smart phone is one of the affordable ones that are available in the market today. It only costs more or less Php5000. Smartphones are getting cheaper and cheaper and I remember my boss saying that there will come a time when everybody would own a smartphone. I guess it is really time to change my jurassic phone.

I am not a techie person so this is not a real review. I just want to share my experience in using this Samsung phone so far.

I am not sure if all smart phones are like these but I find it hard to connect to the net and download apps. Probably because of the slow connection. It comes with a free micro-sd card and I have tried to transfer some of my fave files from my pc to it. It’s cool too but I can’t transfer the contents of my sd-card to the internal memory of the phone. When I take out the sd card, the files are also gone.

There are also times when the phone would hang but I am assuming that it is common to most smartphones. So far, I think only mp4 files work on this phone as I can’t play some of the movies I’ve added. It has a memo feature where you can stores notes about your day -sort of like a diary. I find it cute. The camera is not so impressive as it is only 2mp. The manual of this phone is also not so helpful but the phone is relatively easy to use.

I just heard that one cool feature of this Samsung phone is its tethering and portable hotspot feature. This means that one can use this phone like a router.One can share internet connection. 

To activate the Samsung Galaxy Y hotspot, go to Wireless & network then  to Tethering & Portable Hotspot. Then check on Portable Wi-fi hotspot option and Hotspot configuration. At Portable Wi-fi hotspot settings, select Configure Wi-fi hotspot and there you go.

I like the design of Samsung Galaxy Y GTS-5360. It looks expensive too as the many new Samsung phones in the market now looks identical. It is so light and fits nicely in my hand. As this is my first Android and touchscreen phone, I can say that I am satisfied and happy with it. 

Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y Specs
Release:Date: October, 2011
Dimensions:    58 x 104 x 11.5 millimetres
Mass: 97.5 grams (battery included)
Software: Environment
Embedded+Operating;System:  Google Android 2.3.5
Browse devices running this OS
CPU:Clock:     833 MHz
RAM;capacity:         384 MiB
ROM:capacity:         512 MiB (accessible: 160 MiB)
Display-Type:          Supported
Display;Diagonal:      3 "
Display+Resolution:   240 x 320
Microphone(s):         mono
Loudspeaker(s):       mono
Audio-Output:          3.5mm

Medical Exam at St. Luke's Medical Center Extension Clinic for US Visa

In continuation of: Journey To a US Immigrant Visa

So we were all so glad to receive an email from the National Visa Center (NVC) that they are satisfied with the documents we submitted. Therefore, we are ready for the next step of visa processing which is the visa interview. However, one requirement in the visa interview is a clear medical exam.

I am not so nervous about it because at 70, my mother is strong and healthy. She doesn’t have any illness and is very cautious of what she eats.

The instruction was that we have to accomplish the medical exam before the scheduled visa interview. We don’t need to set an appointment; we just need to go to St. Luke's Medical Center Extension Clinic (SLMCEC).

So we went to SLMCEC two weeks before the scheduled interview. We were there at around 5 am as we were advised to come early to avoid long lines and for us to finish early. There are already many people waiting outside when we arrived. We had to wait before the guards would let us in which was around 6 am. To allow entry, we need to present the visa interview appointment letter; passport and I think 3 pictures of the required size. We also need to submit a photocopy of the requirements. Once inside, we were given a form to accomplish and we have to wait for our names to be called. There was a separate lane for the senior citizens and that is where we submitted our forms and docs. We first had to go to a screening process to see if my mother had complete requirements. One thing they check is passport validity. I think the person in that area is quite rude especially to old applicants.

Anyway after that, we need to pay the medical exam fee at the 4th floor I guess. Sorry I forgot the exact floor but all throughout the medical exam, I think we were able to tour the whole building as there were designated floors for different medical procedures. After paying around Php 9,800, my mother had to undergo a physical exam. Everything went well I guess, then a complete blood count. The third step was a thorough physical exam which left my mother quite shocked because she really had to undress and bare it all. Then there is the x-ray.

I thought the medical exam would be finish in one day but we were asked to return the next day for the results and other instructions.

This time, we don’t need to be so early as our entry card indicates a time when the result would be available. I am expecting a clear medical exam so just imagine my disappointment when the nurse said that they saw something white or something blurred in my mothers x-ray. They are not sure if that was a result of my mom moving while the x-ray is being done or it can be a scar. To be sure, my mom needs to undergo a sputum test which will be done for three consecutive days. If the result of the sputum is positive, they will start to give treatment. If it is negative, we would need to wait for two months for the sputum culture result.

Because of this, the visa interview would not push through but we were advised not to call the embassy as they will be the one to inform them of the medical result.

It was devastating because my mother always had negative x-ray result. We were all sad but we can’t do anything but to comply and wait for the sputum test result.

As a consolation, my mother is not the only one who received this bad news. A lot of people were also required to undergo a sputum test and most are young and look really healthy. To be continued: Medical Exam US Visa: Sputum Test Procedure.

Advice for the Brokenhearted

Year 2012 seems to be a fast year.  Before I knew it, the love month, February is soon coming to an end and we are about to greet the month of March in a few days. But before we say goodbye to the love month, let me share this essay that talks about dealing with a broken heart.

Let me say that I am not brokenhearted. I just want to share this because I have been hearing rants from my officemates and friends about love lately. I hope the essay below would somehow help:

Thoughts of a Brokenhearted

Love, like so many things in my life is a changing concept. Lately though, love for me has taken on a horrible spin. All it took was one phone call from a friend who told me my boyfriend has finally decided to leave me for her!

In a moment, my world crushed to pieces. A dark cloud enveloped my whole being.
Suddenly love became nothing but a dangerous game where everybody wins except me. I thought of it as a fraud, which brings momentary happiness, but in truth will just lead one to unbearable suffering.

For quite a long time, I allowed myself to be swallowed by dark emotions. I spent my days in a quandary and my nights in tears. It felt like nothing would ever be the same again. I desperately wanted my life back to normal.

But I struggled to get out of that mess. “No one can hurt me without my consent,” I constantly reminded myself. I surrounded myself with supportive and pleasant people; friends, family, even strangers, anybody who cared. I started joining organizations; concentrate in my studies, I even started a new hobby. I practically did everything that would keep my mind off it. I was willing to try anything and anybody just to hear myself say, “I finally got over it.”

But, everything I've tried relieved me only for a while. The pain remains as real as the air I breathe! I still feel weak. But it's a blessing to finally have the strength to admit that at present, I am not in control of my emotions. Time will heal all these wounds. Just wait, be practical and as time passes by, the pain will go, for pain is the breaking of the shell which encloses our understanding.

Just the other day, I found myself thinking about the four-letter word, hoping to grasp its significance ion my life. It was a fruitless attempt. Love is something I don't need: something I'm better off without and the more I think about it, the more absurd and pathetic it seemed to me.

I closed my eyes and in surrender, I let the word love dominate my thoughts. Gradually, an array of emotions represented by colors formed in my mind. It was a heavenly sight, like a melted, multi flavored icing. There were all sorts of colors imaginable, constantly mixing, hues and tones. Changing every second as it goes round and round; getting wider as it beats and moves to an invisible rhythm that is both soothing and slow. It was easy to be lured by its splendor. But it was a trap. One stare too long and the images haunt your every waking moment. After a while every reason which drawn you to it fades. Its magnificence ceases and all that’s left is making you dizzy and numb. It becomes art in its gruesome form, losing both its essence and style.

I opened my eyes, half torn, and half relieved but smiling, assured by the faith that all is part of the healing process. Recovery, without even exerting any effort will come sooner than I expect, at a time when experiencing it doesn’t matter anymore. It won’t be long till my whole life light up…beauty and happiness in all sorts of shades…

Uno Pizzeria Voucher Review

Last Saturday, my family ordered take-out food from Uno Pizzeria Resto and Bar at its branch in MOA by the bay. It was my first time to try this resto and as I’ve been craving for a pizza, I’m excited to try their food. I actually ordered an Uno Pizzeria voucher from, another group buying site.

My voucher is valid for a set meal for 3 - 4 persons that includes a 16" Margherita pizza, pasta, buffalo wings (8pcs) and 1L Coke. As it is required, we called for a reservation three days in advance and specified that we will take-out the food at 5pm on the reserved date.

So we arrived at MOA a little past 5pm. The voucher said they are open from 4:30 pm onwards so we are surprised to see that it was closed when we arrived. We inquired and they invited us in but we had to wait for I think an hour before our food was ready. It was a good thing that we are not in a hurry. I noticed that there was also another customer claiming a voucher and she arrived earlier than us. I was quite disappointed with that because they should not have accepted a reservation for 5pm when the food will be served at 6pm and the resto is not even open yet. What if we preferred to dine in?

Anyway, when the food arrives, here is how it looks:

I deleted the buffalo wings pic by accident.

In fairness, the food tastes great. I like their pasta as the ingredients – the shrimps and mushrooms are fresh and tasty and the pasta is al dente. However, I think it would taste even better if it’s not too oily.

Their pizza is huge and tasty too. But I guess, I’ve tasted other pizzas that are more delicious. I don’t like the buffalo wings too much but my husband liked it.

One plus factor for Uno Pizzeria is the staff that seems nice and friendly. In conclusion, I wasn’t able to try other foods in their menu and I also don’t know their signature dish but Uno Pizzeria is definitely worth a try.

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