Samsung Galaxy Y Review

For my birthday this year, my husband gave me a wonderful gift- a new Samsung Galaxy Y GTS-5360 Android phone. It comes with a2GB microSD card, Wall charger, headset, USB cable, warranty and manual.

I appreciate my husband’s thoughtfulness and effort but really my first reaction was how much it cost. Probably because it looks expensive and one of my goals this year is minimizing spending.

Fortunately, this smart phone is one of the affordable ones that are available in the market today. It only costs more or less Php5000. Smartphones are getting cheaper and cheaper and I remember my boss saying that there will come a time when everybody would own a smartphone. I guess it is really time to change my jurassic phone.

I am not a techie person so this is not a real review. I just want to share my experience in using this Samsung phone so far.

I am not sure if all smart phones are like these but I find it hard to connect to the net and download apps. Probably because of the slow connection. It comes with a free micro-sd card and I have tried to transfer some of my fave files from my pc to it. It’s cool too but I can’t transfer the contents of my sd-card to the internal memory of the phone. When I take out the sd card, the files are also gone.

There are also times when the phone would hang but I am assuming that it is common to most smartphones. So far, I think only mp4 files work on this phone as I can’t play some of the movies I’ve added. It has a memo feature where you can stores notes about your day -sort of like a diary. I find it cute. The camera is not so impressive as it is only 2mp. The manual of this phone is also not so helpful but the phone is relatively easy to use.

I just heard that one cool feature of this Samsung phone is its tethering and portable hotspot feature. This means that one can use this phone like a router.One can share internet connection. 

To activate the Samsung Galaxy Y hotspot, go to Wireless & network then  to Tethering & Portable Hotspot. Then check on Portable Wi-fi hotspot option and Hotspot configuration. At Portable Wi-fi hotspot settings, select Configure Wi-fi hotspot and there you go.

I like the design of Samsung Galaxy Y GTS-5360. It looks expensive too as the many new Samsung phones in the market now looks identical. It is so light and fits nicely in my hand. As this is my first Android and touchscreen phone, I can say that I am satisfied and happy with it. 

Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y Specs
Release:Date: October, 2011
Dimensions:    58 x 104 x 11.5 millimetres
Mass: 97.5 grams (battery included)
Software: Environment
Embedded+Operating;System:  Google Android 2.3.5
Browse devices running this OS
CPU:Clock:     833 MHz
RAM;capacity:         384 MiB
ROM:capacity:         512 MiB (accessible: 160 MiB)
Display-Type:          Supported
Display;Diagonal:      3 "
Display+Resolution:   240 x 320
Microphone(s):         mono
Loudspeaker(s):       mono
Audio-Output:          3.5mm


partha sarathi said...

in my phone market option was lossed how can i get back the icon on screen

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