Uno Pizzeria Voucher Review

Last Saturday, my family ordered take-out food from Uno Pizzeria Resto and Bar at its branch in MOA by the bay. It was my first time to try this resto and as I’ve been craving for a pizza, I’m excited to try their food. I actually ordered an Uno Pizzeria voucher from, another group buying site.

My voucher is valid for a set meal for 3 - 4 persons that includes a 16" Margherita pizza, pasta, buffalo wings (8pcs) and 1L Coke. As it is required, we called for a reservation three days in advance and specified that we will take-out the food at 5pm on the reserved date.

So we arrived at MOA a little past 5pm. The voucher said they are open from 4:30 pm onwards so we are surprised to see that it was closed when we arrived. We inquired and they invited us in but we had to wait for I think an hour before our food was ready. It was a good thing that we are not in a hurry. I noticed that there was also another customer claiming a voucher and she arrived earlier than us. I was quite disappointed with that because they should not have accepted a reservation for 5pm when the food will be served at 6pm and the resto is not even open yet. What if we preferred to dine in?

Anyway, when the food arrives, here is how it looks:

I deleted the buffalo wings pic by accident.

In fairness, the food tastes great. I like their pasta as the ingredients – the shrimps and mushrooms are fresh and tasty and the pasta is al dente. However, I think it would taste even better if it’s not too oily.

Their pizza is huge and tasty too. But I guess, I’ve tasted other pizzas that are more delicious. I don’t like the buffalo wings too much but my husband liked it.

One plus factor for Uno Pizzeria is the staff that seems nice and friendly. In conclusion, I wasn’t able to try other foods in their menu and I also don’t know their signature dish but Uno Pizzeria is definitely worth a try.


MaryJane Tauyan said...

pizza and pasta looks so good dear!! cravings.... haha

Mich of Mich Eats and Shops said...

Not bad! :) But yeah, I agree with you. They shouldn't have agreed to your reservation if they weren't even ready to serve yet at that time. If you were in a hurry, you would be terribly mad. Love the look of the pasta. Looks good! :)

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