Medical Exam for a US Visa: Sputum Test Procedure

For three consecutive days, my mother had to undergo a sputum test. She needs to expel phlegm which they would examine to see if she has an active tuberculosis.

For three days, we were at St. Lukes as early as 5:30 am. Before the test, my mom can’t eat or drink anything. She was also not allowed to wear lipstick. The sputum test was a quick process and for three days, my mother got a negative result.

But then the sputum would now be cultured so we have to wait for sixty (60 days). In case we got a call from them before the 60th day, it means the culture had developed into something and my mother needs to start treatment right away.

I am so scared to receive a call from them because I read somewhere that in case my mother’s sputum proved to be positive, she would need to go to St Lukes everyday for 6 months just to get her medicine. That is every single day for 6 months! I first thought it was a joke but they were serious. 

In cases like this, it is best to prepare for the worst scenario. So my sister said that in case my mom’s sputum culture is positive, we will rent a place near St Lukes where my mother would live alone for 6 months. That would really make me sad!

Thankfully, two months passed and we got no call from St Lukes. Actually, I am the one who called them to ask about the sputum result and they said it was negative. To hear them say that my mother can come to St Lukes for the vaccines and the medical certificate made us all so happy.

My mother got the shots for the required vaccines and got the medical certificate. I had to call the US embassy call center to schedule another appointment for a visa interview. They also said that our medical exam and the visa will expire in less than 2 months so we need to act fast.

Fortunately, I was able to get a visa interview quickly. What happened at the US Visa Interview – to be continued.


evyorian said...

is it hard to schedule a visa appointment? this is really scary...i hope things will be easier for looking forward to your continuation of your story....

Mabel said...

hi there. don't worry it is not so hard but they will give you the earliest time available so it is still best to call them ASAP.

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