Holy Week 2012

For the Holy Week this year my family is supposed to go to my husband’s hometown in La Union. However, we had to cancel this trip at the last minute because from Sunday afternoon to holy Wednesday, Sophie has a fever that would not go away. We went to the doctor on Monday because we are scared that it might be dengue. Thank God, the complete blood test confirmed it was not.

Even if Sophie is already up and about by Wednesday evening, we opted not to pursue our travel plans because our daughter needs all the rest she ca get. Sophie had lost weight and not her usual active self because she doesn’t want to eat anything during the time she was sick.

As an alternative, we just stayed in our house in Cavite. You see, we mostly stay in my mother’s house in Mandauyong because it is nearer our workplaces. We only get to visit the house and lot we purchased thru Pag-ibig in Cavite on weekends and during long vacations. The house is still a work in progress, but we had furnished it with some furniture and appliances to make our stay comfortable such as sofa, bed, refrigerator, aircon, oven etc. But we have no TV yet! Mu husband is saving up for a LED TV I think which I find expensive.

So our vacation is really simple. We would wake up at around 6-7am, eat breakfast and then we would let Sophie play in the subdivision’s playground. After the morning walk, it is time for me to do some dusting, sweeping and a bit of scrubbing around the house. My husband and daughter would still be outside – my husband cleaning his car while Sophie runs around to alternately disturb us.

Sophie would insist for a play time before lunch and after lunch. Then we would all enjoy an afternoon nap. It was not always easy as Sophie would throw tantrums every now and then.

We basically just bond, watch movies, play video games, cook, talk and eat and eat. I actually enjoyed and did not mind the no TV part as it tends to eat most of our time.

But all in all- there was no stress and no worries - our vacation was great. I spent it with the two most important persons in my life and I got that much needed rest and relaxation.


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