Home Decors and Housekeeping

My husband and I have been looking at interior designs of different houses in magazines and catalogs because we are slowly buying furniture and home decors for our house in Cavite. One thing I notice is how seemingly simple objects such as rugs, carpets and curtains can make a huge difference in a house interior.

Carpets are great house accessories because it is flexible, functional and stylish. You can hang it on a wall or you can just let it lie on the floor and it is already an interesting piece in a living room or bedroom. When we went to the mall to inquire about carpets- I find it not surprising at all that some carpets can be very expensive.

Of course, one thing that we take into consideration when buying stuff is if it is easy to clean. Carpets, curtains and other home decors only look good when it’s clean. So when it becomes dirty or dusty, I hope that the cleaning process would not be so complicated and difficult especially since I don’t have much time to do serious cleaning in Cavite. I sure hope there is also an eco-friendly rug cleaner new york here that can make housekeeping faster and less hassle. That rug cleaner that is available in New York would surely make housekeeping and house decorating much more fun and easy.


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