Not So Cool Book Review

I have a blog post about Fifty Shades of Grey e-book and I have declared that I am actually giving away free ebook copies of it. However it doesn't mean that I love the book. I have read the book up until the 10th chapter then I realized that reading it is a waste of time. I have wanted to put the book down in the middle after Chapter 1 but I have given it too many benefits of the doubt. I hate the concept and I hate the writing. And I don't even find it erotic. I have compared it to Mills and Boons and Harlequin but i think those books are even better. The idea of a sadist 

I am so disappointed because I have great expectations. I also don't understand why 50 Shades is actually breaking record in terms of sales. I think the reason why it has become a bestseller is because of people buying it out of curiosity.



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