Old Movie Reviews: Tangled and Black Swan

 I was arranging and deleting old files in my laptop tonight and happen to saw these old writings that I intend to publish in this blog. The blog posts are almost done and only needs a bit of editing but for some reason, I forgot to post it. I can’t just delete these files so I decided to post them here anyway even if they are very very late. Please pardon me for these super late movie reviews and blog posts.

Tangled Review

Tangled Review: Golden Hair and Flying Lanterns

I was lucky to win a pair of invites to the red carpet premiere of this new Disney movie so last Thursday my husband and I went to Mall of Asia to watch this movie. My invites was given by 96.3 Easy Rock as I am a member of their Facebook fan page and won by being one of the first commenters.

It was a rainy night and traffic was bad but we managed to arrive on time for the show. There are just a few people and most have free invites too. I think only a few people are willing to pay for a premier night event nowadays unless it’s a local film and celebrities will be present.

The good thing about this movie premier is that the movie is shown in Digital 3D and attendees were able to meet the jocks of easyrock. There were fun games and cool prizes before the show starts.

As for the movie, I have low expectations because Rapunzel is not one of my favorite fairytales. The Rapunzel book I have read as a child had a somewhat sad ending.

Surprisingly, Tangled is a must-see. The movie is funny and somewhat refreshing. The movie was successful in presenting the side of Rapunzel that desires true freedom. The reason why Rapunzel stayed with the witch for so long in an isolated tower is also explained. I especially love the part about the flying lanterns. It was so cute (especially in 3D) and wish to experience something like that in real life. The animators of the film did a good job as I can really feel the emotions of the characters. I find Rapunzel gorgeous. I envy her long golden hair.

I recommend this film to those who wants to watch a movie to relax and feel good.
The movie is cute and light - I loved it. Even my husband who loves action movies was moved by the story. It was a great movie-date- a perfect way to end a stressful day at work.

Black Swan: Beauty and Madness

I was able to watch “Black Swan” before it was shown in the cinemas and before the Golden Globe Awards so I deeply regret that this review is late. I got to watch it because a friend downloaded a copy of it on the net.

I requested it for a copy because I have always been a fan of Natalie Portman and because I am intrigued by the number of nominations the film got in Oscars.

I watched the movie with limited knowledge of the plot so it left me intrigued most of the time. The movie is crazy- I mean it will make you feeling crazy.

The movie shows what goes on in the mind of the main character so it is hard to decipher which events are imagined and which are true. Thankfully, it is not as complex as the movie “Inception.”

But I am so impressed with Natalie Portman’s dancing skills and her acting- she clearly deserves the best actress award.


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