Philippine Restaurants with Online Delivery Outside Metro Manila

Whenever our family is in Cavite, we tend to be in a vacation mode so we would sometimes be so lazy to cook that we would settle for food delivery. But since we don’t have a landline number and calling via cellphone would be costly, we prefer to order our food online.

It is a bit of a challenge at first because at present there are very few restaurants that offer online delivery and from the restos that do have an online delivery, only a handful offer delivery service outside Metro Manila. I know there are online delivery sites out there but I somehow find them confusing.

So far, I only know two restaurants with excellent online delivery service that caters to customers outside Metro Manila– Jollibee and Max’s Fried Chicken.

I find the online delivery service of Jollibee and Max’s fast and convenient. However, of the two, the system of Jollibee Online Delivery is far better. Their website has easy to use features and the service prompt and complete. Once you are done ordering and paying, you will receive an email about the status of your order. I will always get  call from a Jollibee crew to confirm and clarify other things about my order.

On the other hand, Max’s online delivery is also easy to use but they  need to improve their email notification system because it would sometimes come late. Based from my experience, their staff would not give me a call prior to delivery. It is not really a hassle but it would leave me wondering if my order is already on the way. 

In the end, these two restos can make your staycation hassle-free and more fun. I hope more restaurants would soon offer online delivery too.

US TV Series I Have Been Watching

Watching movies and TV series seems to be my favorite pastime these days. The reason is probably because I rarely have time for other things. The ME time has become the time when the house is already quiet -when Sophie, my husband and aunts are already fast asleep. I learned that it is the best time for me to enjoy the benefits of being alone. I would spend that either by writing a blog post or watching movies and TV series in my laptop. I just want to share with you my favorites so far: 

Pretty Little Liars 

This is a series that thrives on the elements that would make a story click and interesting – mystery/suspense, dark secrets, youthfulness, young love, friendship and gorgeous girls. At first the story reminds me of classic mystery/suspense films like “I know what you did last summer” and it is easy to get hooked in the story. I also find the lead stars – Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell. Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario stunning. The series is based on a novel by Sarah Shepard and I hope I get to read that too.


This is a show for teenagers and all the awkwardness that goes with it. It is a teen show but there are some things in it that I don’t want immature/misguided teenagers to see. I am hooked in this show because it is funny and crazy and kind of reminds of the high school life that I miss. There is also that love triangle touch as the lead character Jenna has two love interests- the good boy Jake and the first love kind of jerk Matty.

Once Upon a Time

I love this series because I am a girl who grew up craving those stories that involves fairies, princesses, prince charming, elves, etc. The story is kind of interesting as it focuses on my least favorite princess character- Snow White. I don’t like snow white because I find her gullible and weak. This story gives me a new and refreshing image of her. This story tells of a place where all the fairy tales characters are trapped because of a curse and they need a savior to break that spell.

Other US TV Series

I bought a copy of “Walking Dead” and New Girl but both failed to make a good impact on me. I find “Walking Dead” gory and boring, but maybe I have given up on it too soon. Then I find “New Girl” so corny- don’t find it funny at all. Then I was able to watch episodes of “How I Met Your Mother on TV and it’s funny so I want to watch earlier episodes. I also want to watch past episodes of “Gossip Girl” because I am clueless about this show and I really need to catch up on “Glee.”

I Love Japanese Movies

I was not able to go to the Japanese film festival at the Shangrila this year but I don’t mind as I have been watching Japanese movies at home. I am always excited to watch these movies from Japan because the story lines are always fresh, usually out of the ordinary. Most of the endings tough are somewhat tragic or should I say realistic. 

I used to write short stories and modesty aside, I think my stories would be a good material for a Japanese movie Most of these Asian movies though demand your full attention when watching because you need to closely follow the story so as not to miss important points. Anyway these movies also made me wish that I can visit Japan with my family someday. Here are two Japanese movies I recently watched and enjoyed . 


This film made me feel very disturbed. Based on what I researched, the film won many awards.


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 

Another love story involving time travel, I am really fascinated with the possibility of traveling through time. This movie reminded me that I wish to read the novel- “The Time Travelers Wife” soon. This is a nice story that will keep you guessing till the end. I like the story though I think there are some loopholes and the ending made me feel bitin.

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