I Love Japanese Movies

I was not able to go to the Japanese film festival at the Shangrila this year but I don’t mind as I have been watching Japanese movies at home. I am always excited to watch these movies from Japan because the story lines are always fresh, usually out of the ordinary. Most of the endings tough are somewhat tragic or should I say realistic. 

I used to write short stories and modesty aside, I think my stories would be a good material for a Japanese movie Most of these Asian movies though demand your full attention when watching because you need to closely follow the story so as not to miss important points. Anyway these movies also made me wish that I can visit Japan with my family someday. Here are two Japanese movies I recently watched and enjoyed . 


This film made me feel very disturbed. Based on what I researched, the film won many awards.


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 

Another love story involving time travel, I am really fascinated with the possibility of traveling through time. This movie reminded me that I wish to read the novel- “The Time Travelers Wife” soon. This is a nice story that will keep you guessing till the end. I like the story though I think there are some loopholes and the ending made me feel bitin.


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