Philippine Restaurants with Online Delivery Outside Metro Manila

Whenever our family is in Cavite, we tend to be in a vacation mode so we would sometimes be so lazy to cook that we would settle for food delivery. But since we don’t have a landline number and calling via cellphone would be costly, we prefer to order our food online.

It is a bit of a challenge at first because at present there are very few restaurants that offer online delivery and from the restos that do have an online delivery, only a handful offer delivery service outside Metro Manila. I know there are online delivery sites out there but I somehow find them confusing.

So far, I only know two restaurants with excellent online delivery service that caters to customers outside Metro Manila– Jollibee and Max’s Fried Chicken.

I find the online delivery service of Jollibee and Max’s fast and convenient. However, of the two, the system of Jollibee Online Delivery is far better. Their website has easy to use features and the service prompt and complete. Once you are done ordering and paying, you will receive an email about the status of your order. I will always get  call from a Jollibee crew to confirm and clarify other things about my order.

On the other hand, Max’s online delivery is also easy to use but they  need to improve their email notification system because it would sometimes come late. Based from my experience, their staff would not give me a call prior to delivery. It is not really a hassle but it would leave me wondering if my order is already on the way. 

In the end, these two restos can make your staycation hassle-free and more fun. I hope more restaurants would soon offer online delivery too.


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