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Watching movies and TV series seems to be my favorite pastime these days. The reason is probably because I rarely have time for other things. The ME time has become the time when the house is already quiet -when Sophie, my husband and aunts are already fast asleep. I learned that it is the best time for me to enjoy the benefits of being alone. I would spend that either by writing a blog post or watching movies and TV series in my laptop. I just want to share with you my favorites so far: 

Pretty Little Liars 

This is a series that thrives on the elements that would make a story click and interesting – mystery/suspense, dark secrets, youthfulness, young love, friendship and gorgeous girls. At first the story reminds me of classic mystery/suspense films like “I know what you did last summer” and it is easy to get hooked in the story. I also find the lead stars – Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell. Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario stunning. The series is based on a novel by Sarah Shepard and I hope I get to read that too.


This is a show for teenagers and all the awkwardness that goes with it. It is a teen show but there are some things in it that I don’t want immature/misguided teenagers to see. I am hooked in this show because it is funny and crazy and kind of reminds of the high school life that I miss. There is also that love triangle touch as the lead character Jenna has two love interests- the good boy Jake and the first love kind of jerk Matty.

Once Upon a Time

I love this series because I am a girl who grew up craving those stories that involves fairies, princesses, prince charming, elves, etc. The story is kind of interesting as it focuses on my least favorite princess character- Snow White. I don’t like snow white because I find her gullible and weak. This story gives me a new and refreshing image of her. This story tells of a place where all the fairy tales characters are trapped because of a curse and they need a savior to break that spell.

Other US TV Series

I bought a copy of “Walking Dead” and New Girl but both failed to make a good impact on me. I find “Walking Dead” gory and boring, but maybe I have given up on it too soon. Then I find “New Girl” so corny- don’t find it funny at all. Then I was able to watch episodes of “How I Met Your Mother on TV and it’s funny so I want to watch earlier episodes. I also want to watch past episodes of “Gossip Girl” because I am clueless about this show and I really need to catch up on “Glee.”


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