The Kumon Reading Program

I am happy to say that my daughter’s love for books is very evident at such a young age. And she is always saying that she already wants to go to school. She got the idea from her cousins who are already grade schoolers.

So when I saw an ad about a Kumon 2-week free trial sometime last September, I decided to sign up my daughter for the reading program. It is a great opportunity to test if my daughter is ready for a school setting. Well it is not really a school setting because it is more of a tutor-student type. I am also curious about Kumon method and it’s great that the orientation they gave to all parents who registered for the free trial is comprehensive and inspiring. 

After the trial, I decided to enroll my daughter because when I ask her, she said she wants to continue and she seems to enjoy the worksheets. I think it is also a good way to prepare her for pre-school. Although it is not really a classroom type- she gets to see other kids and mingle with them a bit and get to be comfortable with a teacher.

I find the enrollment fee a bit high though. First-time enrollees need to pay Php2300 because there is an additional Php500 for the miscellaneous fees. Then it becomes Php1800 a month per subject (they offer reading and math) for gradeschoolers and below. The fee for high-schoolers and older is Php1950.  

My daughter needs to go the center two times a week and a session is supposed to be for an hour but sometimes it only takes 30 minutes. Anyway, my daughter also gets to take home worksheets for the days when she is not in Kumon. I am quite shocked that they also have worksheets to do for Christmas and New Years day. They said they do this to instill the discipline of studying but I think it is a bit too much.

These worksheets forced me to take an active role in my child’s studying. At first, I am tempted to just research and print my own worksheet because I feel like I am the one who is actually teaching my my child. Maybe I might consider this in the future, but for now, I don’t think I have the luxury of time for that option. 

I think the Kumon system works though it is also very doable at home. As for me, I am happy with my child’s progress so I would still recommend it to parents who want to give the best to their children.

One downside though is that the center where my daughter goes to is quite small and on times when there are so many students, I am not sure if the teacher can still devote lots of attention to my child. 

The Hobbit Film Review

Amidst our busy schedules and the fact that I seem to be constantly tired these days, I am grateful that my husband and I managed to watch the movie “The Hobbit” last Dec 13. It was a weekday and was not really in our plan. That Wednesday morning, my husband called me at work to say that their company is giving free tickets to the said movie and ask me if I want to go. Well, who would say no to a free movie ticket? So we went to Gateway Mall after office hours and ate dinner at Shakeys. I also get to meet some of my husband’s officemates before the last full show.

I am curious about this movie too because an officemate is so excited about it. In my case, all I know about the film is that it is a prequel of the Lords of the Rings. And I had already forgotten the story of this movie so though I am excited, I have no expectations. Of course, the cinematography and effects are amazing. Although I find some of the scenes too violent or gruesome as I am not into those kinds of films, it was certainly entertaining and not boring. I find myself remembering the story of LOTR as I am watching the movie. Elijah Wood ‘s bit appearance is a delight because he looks so much the same-even if the last LOTR movie was years ago.

 The ending is such a cliffhanger since I am clueless that it is another trilogy. It was pretty long too but nevertheless, I am looking forward to the second part of this movie. In the end, I am grateful for this date night with my hubby. This simple time together gave us the break that we both needed.

For Quality Locksmiths

I am quite ashamed to admit this but I am a little paranoid when it comes to locks. Whenever I lock a door, I would have this small fear that I may have trouble opening that door later when I need to. I feel this especially when I am alone at the house and I lock bathroom doors. Actually it had happened to me several times; I got locked up in a bedroom because the lock malfunctioned. Although my fear is not to be a cause of major concern, an assurance that the locks in my house are of high quality would still help in giving me a more peaceful mind.

So I think it would be good to always have the contact number of a reliable locksmith for emergency situations when the cars of a door or house won’t work or malfunctioned. It would also be nice to ensure that all the locks are made of high quality to avoid these stressful problems. People residing in Canada are fortunate because they have locksmith Calgary to go to. This company promise unmatched locksmith services for residential and commercial establishments.

If you or someone you know lives in Canada, remind them the necessity of quality locks and refer them to locksmith calgary sw. They are open anytime and all days of the week.

Things I Need or Want to Do Before 2012 Ends

Last January, I made a list of goals that I want to accomplish this year. Well I have accomplished some and realized that some of the goals I have set are too high. Thank God I am not that OC so I still congratulate myself for the things I have done well this 2012 . 

It is December 21, 2012 and according to the Mayan calendar, this is supposed to be the end of the world. Well, but it seems it has been postponed. 

As I have always been a procrastinator (a bad habit I have been trying to overcome) and a crammer, there are still a lot of things that I wish to do or finish before I bid goodbye to 2012. 

·         I want to finish the Simbang Gabi with my husband and mother. It’s the 6th day tomorrow so 3 more days to go.
·         I intend to go to the bank to deposit some of the extra money we managed to save.
·         I intend to treat my nieces and daughter to a movie.
·         I want to go to a salon for a manicure and pedicure.  
·         I want to finish at least 2 of the e-books I am currently reading.
·         I want to edit or update some of my blogs.
·         I still need to finish my Christmas shopping.
·         I wish I can still snag a schedule for a visit to the dentist.
·         I need to arrange a trip to my husband’s province in La Union.
·         I want to go swimming with my family on Christmas day.

Seems like a long list and just writing them down makes me feel overwhelmed. But I am praying for strength and guidance and I am determined to do everything well. There is no pressure on my part because as I said I am not that OC and it would be just fine if I failed to do some of the tasks.

Good Choice for Cosmetic Treatments

Advancements in medical technology now make it possible for individuals to enhance their physical appearance through various surgical cosmetic treatments. These surgical procedures though are not only costly; they can also be life-changing. So anyone contemplating to undergo a surgery to improve their face or body should think a million times before making that big decision.
Fortunately, there is a website that provides thorough information about popular surgical procedures such as breast reduction or implants, refractive surgery, weight loss surgery, laser liposuction and others. Just go and visit and you will be presented with a thorough explanation of each surgical procedures, the process on how it is done, the risks involved etc.
It is no secret that many women would like to undergo a breast augmentation surgery but are afraid of the possible complications, etc. If you are one of those women and want to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into- head on to
Always do thorough research before doing any important changes to your body via surgical means, visit now. Recommend the site to you0r friends who can also benefit from it.

Quick Updates

Obviously, I am either too busy or too lazy to make a blog post these days but I am not in any way abandoning this blog. Hence this very quick update:
I am now 17 weeks pregnant (yehey!). Our family is happy and thankful for this great blessing. The morning sickness I had to endure during the first 3 months is far worse than what I experienced during my first pregnancy. Actually, I still experience bouts of morning sickness that last all day even up to now. But I am coping and trying to make myself feel better everyday.
Sophie who is now 3 years old is growing fast and pretty, She is very active and loves to sing, dance and read. I enrolled her in Kumon Reading program and she seems to be enjoying it. Would make a post about that next time.
My mother who spent a year in the US with my sister is back, can't believe that a year had passed by so fast. We are all glad to see her looking healthy and glowing. She arrived last Thursday and she'll be here when I give birth on April 2013.
My work days remain the same but I am mostly absent or late. Well, that's it for a quick update for now. 

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