Quick Updates

Obviously, I am either too busy or too lazy to make a blog post these days but I am not in any way abandoning this blog. Hence this very quick update:
I am now 17 weeks pregnant (yehey!). Our family is happy and thankful for this great blessing. The morning sickness I had to endure during the first 3 months is far worse than what I experienced during my first pregnancy. Actually, I still experience bouts of morning sickness that last all day even up to now. But I am coping and trying to make myself feel better everyday.
Sophie who is now 3 years old is growing fast and pretty, She is very active and loves to sing, dance and read. I enrolled her in Kumon Reading program and she seems to be enjoying it. Would make a post about that next time.
My mother who spent a year in the US with my sister is back, can't believe that a year had passed by so fast. We are all glad to see her looking healthy and glowing. She arrived last Thursday and she'll be here when I give birth on April 2013.
My work days remain the same but I am mostly absent or late. Well, that's it for a quick update for now. 


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