Congenital Anomaly Scan

For my first pregnancy, my Ob-gyne only required me to undergo one Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVS). I did it on my 6th month mainly for gender determination. This time, though, I need to do it twice. One TVS during the 2nd month and a congenital anomaly scan on my 6th month. My OB said it is best to undergo CAS from 22 to 23 weeks.

I think both scans are a must for pregnant women. The initial TVS would determine fetal heartbeat as well as see the most accurate fetal age. The CAS on the other hand would show more than the gender as it can detect any abnormality on baby’s health from the start. I think the CAS is essential for the peace of mind of the mom who wants to make sure that everything is fine with the baby.

My OB initially referred me to St Lukes Medical Center for the CAS, but at the last minute she mentioned that I can also go to Capitol Medical Center as the rates may be lower.

So I inquired the rates for congenital anomaly scan of the two hospitals and found out that Capitol charges Php2,110 for it while the fee at St. Lukes is Php2,900. You need to set an appointment for the CAS at St. Lukes because they say slots are limited. Meanwhile, one can go anytime at Capitol for the CAS because it is on a first come, fist served basis. The CAS at Capitol is open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

I wasn’t able to set an appointment at St Lukes and rates are lower at Capitol so I chose Capitol. My husband and I went there one Saturday. We arrived around 9:45 am and I am already the 7th people in line. We got to finish everything we had to do there at around 12:30 pm. Yes, too bad their system and procedure is pretty slow plus the staff is not so friendly. I think choosing St Lukes would have been a better decision.

The Capitol should improve their overall services because even waiting for an elevator ride can take a while. It just makes me glad I am not going to give birth there. Anyway, I am just glad that the scan showed that everything is well with the baby. That is what matters and so any irritation I felt that day was quickly washed away.

Family Day at MOA: Hi-5, Thai Food, & Thai Massage

This is a late post.

The second Friday of December last 2012 was a full and fun day for my family though we did not really plan it all. The only thing planned was the Hi-5 concert that my daughter and my sister would watch at SM MOA Centerstage. I have to buy tickets for this show as my daughter is so into Hi-5! She would watch the daily shows in Disney Channel and vigorously sing and dance along to their songs. The reason for this fascination became clear to me after watching HI-5 for some time. I too was mesmerized with the talented members of this Australian group.

They are such a joy to watch and it is really a great show for kids and the young at heart. So when I learned that they are going to Manila for a concert, I know buying a ticket would be worth it. I intend to buy tickets for the Saturday show but I waited for the last minute before buying and was surprised to see that the tickets were almost sold out. It is a blessing that I was still able to get two VIP tickets.
Anyway, the plan was for my husband and I to go home early from work so we could accompany my sister and daughter to the venue. At the last minute, my husband learned he cannot do so because of an important event in their office. So I alone had to go home early and my husband would just go to MOA after his work. My daughter still has a kumon class before the show so I went home at around 1pm. Instead of my husband, my mother and I accompanied Sophie and sis to the venue. Riding a taxi is such a hassle with the traffic so we opted for the bus. Traffic was bad but thank god we left home early.
When we arrived at MOA, the first thing we did was look for the exact venue which is the MOA centerstage which I learned is actually part of the SM cinema. Then we looked for a place to have dinner to. We choose Ja Tu Jak – a Thai resto and it was a good choice because food is delicious, service is excellent and is affordable.
After dinner, we headed to the venue where a long queue has already formed. Once my sis and Sophie are inside, my mom and I waited for hubby at one of the benches. We chatted until my husband arrives. He said he wants us to have a massage so we went to one of the massage centers inside the mall. I am unimpressed when I see their list of services, so only my husband went to avail their service
My mother and I decided to eat halo- halo in Razons. We finished our dessert just in time when the Hi-5 show and the 1 hour massage for husband is over. My daughter seems to be bitin with the Hi-5 show but my sister said it was worth it.
We also dropped by at the the bay area to buy dinner for my husband. It was a tiring but a happy and memorable day for my family. 

Ensure a Happy, Healthy Home

All of us want our home to be a place where we can be happy and comfortable. It is a place we share with our dearest so keeping it in the perfect condition is not only worth it, it is also necessary. It is also important to know a reputable company to contact to for anything that should be installed or fixed inside the house. Some of the things that a well-maintained house should have is good plumbing condition and in countries with winter climate such as USA, a good heating facility.

Fortunately, there is a US-based company that can take care of almost everything you need for your home maintenance needs. The Mattioni Heating and Cooling Inc. offers quality services for Chester County in Pennsylvania. The fact that they have been around for more than 60 years heating exton pa and heating west chester pa is already a strong testimony of their efficiency. Aside from plumbing and heating, they also do the following: air-conditioning drain cleaning, custom bathroom remodeling, water and sewer hookup and others.

You can visit their site to see customer testimonials and view their contact details at Discount coupons are also available for customers in their website.

Fabulous Finds on a Friday

It is a Friday and one of our boss is on leave, so what can you expect? Everyone seems so relax at the office today, even me, who have to finish a lot of task. This morning, I browse for cute printable calendars and come up with this:

I downloaded each month to be printed later. You can also download this free 2013 calendar here:

And this afternoon, I get to listen to this heartwarming song via YouTube. This is said to be the theme song of my office-mates who I think are engaged to be married. Find the song too cute and heartwarming that I just need to blogged about it. 

Wishes by Emi Fujita


La Union Trip

My husband’s family is in La Union but because of our very busy schedules, our last visit to his province was two years ago. For the whole 2012, his family has been bugging us to come visit them because they said they already miss us and my daughter so much. For some reason, we would always plan a trip but it will get cancelled at the last minute. But alas, just before saying goodbye to 2012, we were able to finally visit them.  

It was more of a quick road trip because we started traveling early Saturday morning of December 29 at around 5 am and intend to be back in Manila by Dec 31. We opt not to go via the SCTex road but we got lost a bit and also end up heading that direction. We also got stuck in a traffic jam along Urdaneta, Pangasinan. So we reached La Union around 1pm. It was a very hot day so we are all sweaty and tired when we arrived.

But we have to set aside our fatigue as it seems like there is a big fiesta when we arrived.  My husband’s folks prepared lots of dishes, hired a videoke and invited lots of guests. Well, I guess this is how they show their happiness that we are able to visit.

The singing, drinking, chatting lasted all day, I thought they won’t stop. On the morning of Dec 30, Sunday, we all went to a nearby beach in Luna, La Union. This is my favorite part of our trip. The place is so clean so serene, and so beautiful. These are the things why I sometimes consider the possibility of living in a rural area. There is no entrance fee to enjoy the beach. We only need to pay a cottage for Php400. that is very cheap because I think the cottage can accommodate up to 50 people.

My mother in law wants us to celebrate New Year there but we just had to say no. Our travel back to Manila is a breeze because we left at around 4:30am and reached Mandaluyong at 10:30am. We are tired but very happy with the trip and the whole experience.

Family Day at Manila Ocean Park

The company where my husband works decided to give away Manila Ocean Park tickets for their employees and the family members. It is supposed to be for the family day activity. I am pregnant and not really sure if I would have the energy to roam around this theme park all day but I decided to participate in this activity for my daughter. So one Saturday morning last Nov 2012, my husband, my daughter and I went to the Manila Ocean Park.

Our free tickets give us access to the following: Oceanarium, Fish Spa, Trails to Antarctica, Jellies Exhibit, Sea Lion Show and Fountain Show. We arrived around 9:30 am and though it is still early, the place is already jampacked. There were so many people; most of them are students and teachers on a field trip. I wish the management of Ocean Park would set a limit to the number of group trips because the crowd makes it hard to appreciate the place.

Our first stop is the Oceanarium which is a large display of different forms of marine life. This experience would have been much more awesome if not for the huge crowd. We still manage to enjoy it though and took a few blurred pics.

There is a space where children can pick reading and coloring materials but that time, the crowds makes it look like a battle place.

Then we opted for the fish spa which is just what we needed after braving the crowd. It is a good thing that my husband and daughter enjoyed the fish spa very much. The fishes that nibble the dead skin cells on your feet is relaxing and tickling. They just need to improve this area because there aren’t even small lockers to put one’s belonging while one is in the spa area.

The penguins at the Trails to Antarctica are so cute. I like this attraction even though one needs to pay again just to have a picture with the penguins. The jellies exhibit is fascinating too but can be a bit boring.

Well, we did all that in less than 2 hours so we have lots of time to kill before the sea lion show at 2:30. We opted to go home then just catch other shows next time. Yes, we can do that as long as we keep the tickets and it will not go beyond the expiry date. I guess if you want to catch the fountain and sea lion show, it is best to just schedule your trip around mid-afternoon.

On our 2nd visit, we catch the sea lion show at 4:30pm. We arrived 10 minutes late though so can’t say much about this. The sea ions are adorable but you need a great spot to really appreciate the show.

The musical fountain show made our second visit worth it. It was breathtaking and entertaining. The show lasted only for 30 minutes but it seems like an hour has passed. 

Just for info, here is the schedule of Manila Ocean Park Attractions:

Oceanarium/Fish Spa
Mon & Tue. 10 am – 7pm (last entry – 6:15pm)
Wed to Fri – 10am to 8pm (last entry- 7:15pm)
Sat and Sun -9am -8pm (last entry- 7:15pm)
Mon to Fri – 10 am to 7pm
Sat & Sun – 9am to 7pm
Swimming : Mon to Sun: 8am to 5pm
Sea Lion & Exhibit (20 mins)
Mon to Sun : 11am/ 2pm/ 4:30pm
Fountain Show: Wed to Sun: 7pm
Trails to Antarctica
Mon & Tue: 11am -8pm (last entry-7:15pm)
Wed & Fri: 11am -9pm (last entry- 8:15pm)
Sat- Sun: 10am-9pm (last entry- 8:15pm)
Bird Show: Mon-Sun: 3:30pm (one show only)

My Planner for 2013

Every year, I am used to getting at least one planner as a gift or a freebie. Last year, I got a planner from Watson’s which has proven to be so useful for me. It was simple but has just the things I need for a planner. The year before that, I won a Belle de Jour planner which is all fancy and girly and fun to have. For some reason though, I find it too overwhelming and bulky. 

The year 2013 started though and I find myself without any planner yet. I have been planning to go to the bookstore to buy one but my husband keeps on asking me to stay home and rest due to my delicate condition (almost 6 months pregnant). Fortunately, I found out about Dunkin Donut’s planner promo so I asked my husband to avail it for me.

So now, I am happy that I finally have a 2013 planner. It is so cute and the lego design makes me feel that this year is going to be fun, easy and light.  I got it for free after purchasing 2 dozens of Dunkin Donuts. It is a great deal though the planner is really too small for me. Maybe i’ll get another planner next time. For the meantime, I can’t wait to use this mini planner.

Hello 2013!

Happy New Year!

I am excited about 2013 because I think that this year will bring many changes in my life.  For one, I will give birth again this year. I am scheduled for an ultrasound this January and once I know the baby’s gender, I will start thinking of a name. I have been searching for auspicious birth dates for April this year because I will again deliver via caesarian operation.

I am also about to make a major career change as I intend to look for a better job after giving birth. I may even be a full time/stay at home mom for a while and just look for freelance job opportunities. Well, leaving my current job is a risky move and it will also mean letting go of some luxuries and comforts but I believe that better things will happen or will come after making that big decision. 

There are many things I want to try this year and I am certain I can do it. Yes, 2013 will be a great, wonderful year. Thank you God for all the blessings and for another opportunity to create wonderful memories

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