Congenital Anomaly Scan

For my first pregnancy, my Ob-gyne only required me to undergo one Transvaginal Ultrasound (TVS). I did it on my 6th month mainly for gender determination. This time, though, I need to do it twice. One TVS during the 2nd month and a congenital anomaly scan on my 6th month. My OB said it is best to undergo CAS from 22 to 23 weeks.

I think both scans are a must for pregnant women. The initial TVS would determine fetal heartbeat as well as see the most accurate fetal age. The CAS on the other hand would show more than the gender as it can detect any abnormality on baby’s health from the start. I think the CAS is essential for the peace of mind of the mom who wants to make sure that everything is fine with the baby.

My OB initially referred me to St Lukes Medical Center for the CAS, but at the last minute she mentioned that I can also go to Capitol Medical Center as the rates may be lower.

So I inquired the rates for congenital anomaly scan of the two hospitals and found out that Capitol charges Php2,110 for it while the fee at St. Lukes is Php2,900. You need to set an appointment for the CAS at St. Lukes because they say slots are limited. Meanwhile, one can go anytime at Capitol for the CAS because it is on a first come, fist served basis. The CAS at Capitol is open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

I wasn’t able to set an appointment at St Lukes and rates are lower at Capitol so I chose Capitol. My husband and I went there one Saturday. We arrived around 9:45 am and I am already the 7th people in line. We got to finish everything we had to do there at around 12:30 pm. Yes, too bad their system and procedure is pretty slow plus the staff is not so friendly. I think choosing St Lukes would have been a better decision.

The Capitol should improve their overall services because even waiting for an elevator ride can take a while. It just makes me glad I am not going to give birth there. Anyway, I am just glad that the scan showed that everything is well with the baby. That is what matters and so any irritation I felt that day was quickly washed away.


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