Family Day at MOA: Hi-5, Thai Food, & Thai Massage

This is a late post.

The second Friday of December last 2012 was a full and fun day for my family though we did not really plan it all. The only thing planned was the Hi-5 concert that my daughter and my sister would watch at SM MOA Centerstage. I have to buy tickets for this show as my daughter is so into Hi-5! She would watch the daily shows in Disney Channel and vigorously sing and dance along to their songs. The reason for this fascination became clear to me after watching HI-5 for some time. I too was mesmerized with the talented members of this Australian group.

They are such a joy to watch and it is really a great show for kids and the young at heart. So when I learned that they are going to Manila for a concert, I know buying a ticket would be worth it. I intend to buy tickets for the Saturday show but I waited for the last minute before buying and was surprised to see that the tickets were almost sold out. It is a blessing that I was still able to get two VIP tickets.
Anyway, the plan was for my husband and I to go home early from work so we could accompany my sister and daughter to the venue. At the last minute, my husband learned he cannot do so because of an important event in their office. So I alone had to go home early and my husband would just go to MOA after his work. My daughter still has a kumon class before the show so I went home at around 1pm. Instead of my husband, my mother and I accompanied Sophie and sis to the venue. Riding a taxi is such a hassle with the traffic so we opted for the bus. Traffic was bad but thank god we left home early.
When we arrived at MOA, the first thing we did was look for the exact venue which is the MOA centerstage which I learned is actually part of the SM cinema. Then we looked for a place to have dinner to. We choose Ja Tu Jak – a Thai resto and it was a good choice because food is delicious, service is excellent and is affordable.
After dinner, we headed to the venue where a long queue has already formed. Once my sis and Sophie are inside, my mom and I waited for hubby at one of the benches. We chatted until my husband arrives. He said he wants us to have a massage so we went to one of the massage centers inside the mall. I am unimpressed when I see their list of services, so only my husband went to avail their service
My mother and I decided to eat halo- halo in Razons. We finished our dessert just in time when the Hi-5 show and the 1 hour massage for husband is over. My daughter seems to be bitin with the Hi-5 show but my sister said it was worth it.
We also dropped by at the the bay area to buy dinner for my husband. It was a tiring but a happy and memorable day for my family. 


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