La Union Trip

My husband’s family is in La Union but because of our very busy schedules, our last visit to his province was two years ago. For the whole 2012, his family has been bugging us to come visit them because they said they already miss us and my daughter so much. For some reason, we would always plan a trip but it will get cancelled at the last minute. But alas, just before saying goodbye to 2012, we were able to finally visit them.  

It was more of a quick road trip because we started traveling early Saturday morning of December 29 at around 5 am and intend to be back in Manila by Dec 31. We opt not to go via the SCTex road but we got lost a bit and also end up heading that direction. We also got stuck in a traffic jam along Urdaneta, Pangasinan. So we reached La Union around 1pm. It was a very hot day so we are all sweaty and tired when we arrived.

But we have to set aside our fatigue as it seems like there is a big fiesta when we arrived.  My husband’s folks prepared lots of dishes, hired a videoke and invited lots of guests. Well, I guess this is how they show their happiness that we are able to visit.

The singing, drinking, chatting lasted all day, I thought they won’t stop. On the morning of Dec 30, Sunday, we all went to a nearby beach in Luna, La Union. This is my favorite part of our trip. The place is so clean so serene, and so beautiful. These are the things why I sometimes consider the possibility of living in a rural area. There is no entrance fee to enjoy the beach. We only need to pay a cottage for Php400. that is very cheap because I think the cottage can accommodate up to 50 people.

My mother in law wants us to celebrate New Year there but we just had to say no. Our travel back to Manila is a breeze because we left at around 4:30am and reached Mandaluyong at 10:30am. We are tired but very happy with the trip and the whole experience.


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