My Planner for 2013

Every year, I am used to getting at least one planner as a gift or a freebie. Last year, I got a planner from Watson’s which has proven to be so useful for me. It was simple but has just the things I need for a planner. The year before that, I won a Belle de Jour planner which is all fancy and girly and fun to have. For some reason though, I find it too overwhelming and bulky. 

The year 2013 started though and I find myself without any planner yet. I have been planning to go to the bookstore to buy one but my husband keeps on asking me to stay home and rest due to my delicate condition (almost 6 months pregnant). Fortunately, I found out about Dunkin Donut’s planner promo so I asked my husband to avail it for me.

So now, I am happy that I finally have a 2013 planner. It is so cute and the lego design makes me feel that this year is going to be fun, easy and light.  I got it for free after purchasing 2 dozens of Dunkin Donuts. It is a great deal though the planner is really too small for me. Maybe i’ll get another planner next time. For the meantime, I can’t wait to use this mini planner.


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