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If I would based it on the books I have read and movies I have seen, I can say that Year 2013 started great. On the first month of 2013, I was able to finish reading two books – Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho and Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. That is a lot as compared to last year when I barely had time to pick up a book to read. I enjoyed reading these great books. Both open up new ways of looking at things such as life, death, sex, faith, etc. I am currently trying to read, “Beautiful Creatures” and “Cloud Atlas.” I said “trying” because I am not sure if I will finish reading these two books.

“Beautiful Creatures” is set to be a movie soon and it is too long- another trilogy that is part mystery and more of a love story. Though it seems to be better, it reminds me so much of Twilight. I haven’t finished Chapter one of “Cloud Atlas” and just like the movie (which I am yet to finish watching too), it is also very confusing. I am thinking of reading interesting autobiographies soon. Anyway for the movies, I was able to see last January:

Les Miserable 

I have always been a fan of Victor Hugo and I always considered Les Miserable as one of my favorite books so I am excited to see this movie. I haven’t seen any play of course to compare but I find the movie worth watching. I am amazed with Hugh Jackman’s acting and singing skills.

Silver Linings Playbook  
I love Jennifer Lawrence ever since her X-Men First class days and I admired her more in the Hunger Games. Now in Silver Linings, I think I have become a certified fan. This movie is funny and light and shows Jennifer’s superb acting. I also like Bradley Cooper’s performance.


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