Grotto Vista Resort at San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

For my birthday this year, I decided to go swimming with my family. My nieces and my daughter all love this activity and have been bugging me to take them swimming since the start of the year. Besides, since summer season and the holy week is fast approaching, it will serve as an early outing for us. I think it is a good decision because I don’t want to join the huge crowds in pool and beach resorts during the peak season.

So I scouted for a good resort near the area of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan via net because my brother and my nieces live there and I found Grotto Vista Resort. Their official website is very informative and they show great pictures.

The actual place is not disappointing either. I found the whole resort clean and the staff friendly. Not sure if the cleanliness and orderliness is just because there are very few customers when we were there.

The entrance for adults is Php150 and Php100 for children. Their cottages are also affordable and they also offer private pools and rooms. Bringing in grillers and alcoholic drinks are prohibited but they are not so strict in rummaging the things that the customers bring inside.

They have a huge pool area for adults and an area for kiddie pools. You can also see the private pools which are of course locked. It is also nice that when you have children with you, they would recommend a cottage near the kiddie pool area.

I just don’t like the restroom and the shower rooms because it is not well-maintained. The water in the pool is also very cold that it made me wish for a hot spring resort.

But overall, we (especially the children) all had fun. It was a great bonding activity for the whole family and made my birthday more meaningful.


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