What Happened During The Last Trimester Of My Pregnancy

Last March, when I am 32 weeks pregnant, my mind is happily set to the plan that I would give birth via caesarian section around the month of May. So when my husband and I went to my ob-gynecologist for the regular check-up one Saturday, I confirmed with her our preferred date for the CS operation. Little did I know that I would give birth two weeks after that.

It started when my ob remarked that my baby seems small for 32 weeks. She said my tummy is big and the fundic height () is in normal range but she thinks it is mostly water. Actually she had been telling me since past visits to eat more, specifically add more protein in my diet and to drink 2 glasses of milk a day to make the baby bigger. I think I did just that (although not consistent with the 2 glasses of milk) and I did gained weight but she said the baby is still small. I am not sure if the fact that I am always tired because of work and other matters contributed to that.

My first baby is also quite small (5.5 pounds then) and she said that maybe it is a gene thing. But she still required me to undergo another ultrasound.

I am quite nervous but still not worried when I went for the ultrasound. But what happened after left me dumbfounded.  The OB-sonologist called my doctor to inform my condition. I actually forgot what it is called but she said something is wrong with my umbilical cord- so the nutrients and oxygen can’t pass freely from me to the baby. Thus the reason why the baby is almost three weeks behind in terms of height and weight and it is called intra-uterine growth restriction (IUGR).

My husband and I were instructed to go to the delivery room right away and there I learned that I might need to give birth right away. When I asked the resident doctor the reason why - she told me that it might be the best thing to do so we can save the baby. 

Apparently that calls for an emergency because there is a risk for my baby to die while inside my tummy. Just imagine the shock and fear that I felt that moment. I felt helpless because the doctors and nurses seem so sure that I need to deliver right away. I felt so nervous that when they check my blood pressure, it was unnaturally high (I think 140/110). That is unusual because my BP is always between 90 to 120 range. Anyway they told me to relax and my bp went to normal soon after. They then interviewed me about my medical history. And I was given the first shot of steroids- needed for my baby’s lungs to mature faster. 

Then I underwent a non-stress test (NST), in this procedure they forced my tummy to contract to see if it has an adverse effect with the baby’s heartbeat. If they see that the baby’s heartbeat weakens in every contraction, it means the baby needs to be delivered asap. Thankfully, the results are very positive as my baby seems okay and can cope with the contractions. I also have no risk factors because I am not suffering from any diseases (no high BP, no diabetes, no infections).

So my OB called to say that I can go home but with the instructions that I need to go back very early the next day to get the second shot of steroids and to further discuss my condition.  The decision of my OB relieved my worries a bit and I glady went home that night.

What happened the day after? To be continued…

Hoping To Take Stamp Collecting Seriously

I admire people who collect things. The obsession and fascination to a certain item and the choice of things to collect says a lot about a person’s character. Anyway, the reason, I am saying this is because I recently I felt this urge to collect stamps again. Yes, I actually have a small stamp collection that I started when I was in high school. I got interested in it when my eldest sister gave me her stamp collection.

Back when postal mail is still ‘in,’ I would await letters from my sisters who works abroad because I wanted to take the stamps. When sending letters through postal mail became too tiresome and long (because of the advances in technology), I kind of forgot my stamp collection too. In fact, my small stamp notebook kept in one of our cabinets hasn’t seen the light of day for years.

Out of the blue, I wanted to start and take this hobby seriously again but I don’t know where to start. In fact, as of this writing, I still have to dig that stamp notebook. Also, I think it is so hard to be a stamp collector today. Finding a person to send mail to is actually challenging.  An officemate even said that she had never sent a snail mail before.

Well I guess if I really want it, I need to exert effort so I’ll try to update my stamp collection little by little. For those like me who are passionate about stamps, I saw this group that can be of great help:

One Afternoon at Work

Today at work, I find myself struggling with what they call “writer’s block”. Okay maybe a bad case of laziness or boredom or maybe depression because I don’t really believe in writer’s block. Whichever way, the point is, I am finding it hard to even start that new writing task.

I have been assigned to write an e-book about overseas employment and as I stare at the almost empty piece of paper (I mean blank Word doc), I suddenly realized that my new project is actually my first in this company. I was hired to write a guidebook about overseas employment. Now I am doing another one just like it, only now it is an ebook version and this one will be much shorter and more polished. 

I start to wonder if it is some kind of premonition that it is going to be my last project here as “resignation” seems like a sweet word to me for some time now. I also find myself digging for the copy of that document I have written seven years ago.

I recognize the changes in my writing style and I am glad because I believe things have improved. The book is written like a novel and it is much too long. I am doing a shorter version now. Before, I was given six months to finish the book. Now, I have one week. 

Well, I do hope to finish this new book soon and I hope to do it well, just in case it is going to be my last project here (lol).

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