One Afternoon at Work

Today at work, I find myself struggling with what they call “writer’s block”. Okay maybe a bad case of laziness or boredom or maybe depression because I don’t really believe in writer’s block. Whichever way, the point is, I am finding it hard to even start that new writing task.

I have been assigned to write an e-book about overseas employment and as I stare at the almost empty piece of paper (I mean blank Word doc), I suddenly realized that my new project is actually my first in this company. I was hired to write a guidebook about overseas employment. Now I am doing another one just like it, only now it is an ebook version and this one will be much shorter and more polished. 

I start to wonder if it is some kind of premonition that it is going to be my last project here as “resignation” seems like a sweet word to me for some time now. I also find myself digging for the copy of that document I have written seven years ago.

I recognize the changes in my writing style and I am glad because I believe things have improved. The book is written like a novel and it is much too long. I am doing a shorter version now. Before, I was given six months to finish the book. Now, I have one week. 

Well, I do hope to finish this new book soon and I hope to do it well, just in case it is going to be my last project here (lol).


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