KKK Restaurant @SM Megamall: Authentic Pinoy Dishes

One Sunday after church, my family decided to go to the mall to look around and eat lunch. This small family bonding activity is actually special because it is Bea’s first time at the mall.
Anyway the original plan is for us to at have lunch at Shakeys but my husband is not so fond of pizza and pasta so I suggested we try other nearby restos there at the basement of SM Megamall such as the Luk Yuen and this new resto (well for me) called KKK. The resto is very colorful, has interesting interiors and menu so we decided to try it.

Do you also feel some anxiety whenever you try a new resto? The feeling that it might be a wrong choice and maybe we should settle on familiar resto and dishes? I had that feeling with KKK but it turned out I was wrong.

As soon as we are seated, a waitress handed us the menu and then we were given complimentary chicharon and vinegar as appetizers. It was nice because my daughter is complaining of hunger at that time and the chicharon kept her occupied as she love this pinoy snack. The chicharon is crisp and not so salty and the vinegar is perfect as it is a bit sweet. I am guessing it is sukang Iloko.

We ordered Sinigang sa Salmon (Php 290) the KKK rice (Php 150), lechon kawali in tausi leaves and sauce (Php290), sisig Pampanga (Php190), and fresh fruit juices (Php75 each).

I apologized for the lone pic as it obviously failed to capture the yumminess of the dishes we ordered. Partly because I am so busy attending to my very active daughter, Sophie and the crying Baby Bea. Anyway, I also need to learn food photography (or food porn).

I fid everything delicious and affordable. Their servings though (especially the rice) is not so huge. I also like the claim that they prepare their dishes in authentic Pinoy way. I will be glad to recommend this resto and I think we will come back soon.  


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