Of Chandeliers and Lights

When you think of art for your home you probably think of pictures for the wall, figurines to display on accent tables and floor sculptures that can draw one's attention to an otherwise unnoticeable space. The lighting options you choose for the various areas and purposes for each room of your home can actually be considered functional art. Some of the most outstanding examples of artistic lighting can be found at places such as Crescent Harbor Modern, where the contemporary light fixtures are magnificently stunning. 

Simplistic elegance is a characteristic of modern, contemporary and transitional decors. Simplistic does not translate into unnoticeable. Some of the contemporary floor lamps and wall sconces that are simple in design make quite an impact on the atmosphere of the room. The shape of the lamp base can have a sculptural design that would rival any piece of free standing art. If you want to inject a burst of energy into a modern decor, you can do so with a funky table lamp that is sure to be a conversation piece.

Chandeliers and pendant lights are available in such a variety of artistically interesting designs that you can use them to make a style statement in every room of your home. The foyer and hallway of your home may be an area where you tend to forget how influential the lighting design can be. In some instances, the only opportunity you have to make a decorative statement in the hallway is with the lighting.


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