Max’s Restaurant Baptismal Package

After giving birth, the next event that everyone expects (well for Catholics) is the christening day. Parents want this day to be special and memorable although organizing an event may not come so easy for couples with an infant to take care of and both have a full time job. It is fortunate that many restaurants nowadays offer baptismal packages.

For the baptismal of my second child, my husband and I rushed the preparation because we want our daughter to be baptized before my mother's flight to America. We decided to hold the baptismal reception at Max’s Restaurant as we find their baptismal packages reasonable and we love the food at Max’s. The packages come with the following
  • 2 hours use of venue
  • Free use of bassinet
  • Theme Cake **
  • Decorated Party Area
  • Party Balloons
  • Balloon Centerpieces
  • Tarpaulin Banner Rental
  • Invitations
  • Guest Book with Pen **
  • Gift for the Baby (a stuffed toy and a blanket)
  • Souvenirs
They even have a new promo (was not available during the christening of my first child) called “Ninong ko si Max’s where they said that by availing the package, Max instantly becomes a ninong of my daughter (it actually made me laugh). We were given a card which entitles my daughter to the following:

  • Christmas gift (to be given every year up to age 7) – we claimed this last Decemeber and it is one whole chicken!
  • Birthday gift (to be given every year up to age 7
  • 15% discount on the child’s 1st and 7th birthday celebration at any Max’s resto
  • Free Max’s corner bakery product for every store visit with a minimum purchase of P200.
For those who are currently researching about christening packages, check out the menu of Max’s baptismal packages below:
Max’s Christening Package Menu

Menu 1:
Veggie Lumpia Bites,
Soup of the Day,
Pancit Canton,
Cream Dory Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce,
Max’s Regular Fried Chicken
Caramel Bar

30 pax
50 pax
100 pax
Additional Half Table:P1,955
Additional Full Table: P3,679

Menu 2
Nachos with Bangus Spread
Soup of the day
Pancit Canton
Halabos na Hipon
Beef Caldereta
Bagnet with Poqui Poqui
Open Fresh Lumpia
Max’s Regular Fried Chicken
Buko Pandan

30 pax
50 pax
100 pax
Additional Half Table:P2,449
Additional Full Table: P4,899

Menu 3
Chicharon Bulaklak
Soup of the Day
Pancit Canton
Shrimp with Mango Salsa
Crispy Pata
Lengua with Mushroom Sauce
Lumpia Mini Ubod
Max’s Regular Fried Chicken
Leche Flan

30 pax
50 pax
100 pax
Additional Half Table:P3,439
Additional Full Table: P6,879

A Must for This Cold Weather

The weather these days is noticeably much colder than what our country experienced in the previous years. Many people, including me are finding it so hard to get up from bed every morning because snuggling under the covers and slipping into dreamland seems to be the perfect activity. The chills seem to seep through my bones so I can’t barely imagine how much colder it is in countries that experienced autumn and snow such as South Korea, Japan and North America.

I recently saw the pictures of my mother who is currently in Maryland, Baltimore and just looking at the pictures where she was playing in the thick white snow with my nephew makes me shiver. Of course she was covered with winter clothes from head to toe but it still looks very cold to me that I almost want to drag my mother back inside their house. According to my mom, it is very cold there but they are comfortable when they are indoors because of the heating system, thanks to their furnace. Furnace is a must for those living in cold countries but to enjoy the full benefits of furnace, one must make sure that it is clean and free of damage. For those who are based in Canada and wants to ensure that their furnace is working perfectly, try  furnace repair hamilton or heating Burlington

2014:Year of the Horse

Happy New Year to everyone! My 2013 has been a very busy year both at home and at work. But it is still a happy and blessed year especially since it is the year my family received another wonderful gift - my 2nd daughter Bea. It is also the year I decided to quit my job and so at the start of year 2014 - I am officially a full time mom.I am looking for homebased part time jobs though or an online business perhaps so I can still help my husband in raising money.

Anyway since New Year is all about new beginnings, it is also the time of year when many people are curious about what lies ahead. So news and TVshows nowadays kept on featuring predictions and info about feng shui and the Chinese zodiac signs. 

Year 2014 is the year of the wooden horse and even if Chinese new year is still on January 31, 2014, many people are already wondering if they would be lucky this year. 

I don't really take predictions seriously (especially if it's bad) but I respect ancient knowledge so I see no harm in listening and taking notes on the warnings and predictions based on the Chinese zodiacs. Well I was born in 1978 and that make me an Earth horse so I am hoping it would be a very awesome year. Of course,nothing beats prayer and good deeds to attract good luck!

Here are 2014 Chinese Horoscopes for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs In the Year of Horse.

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