2014:Year of the Horse

Happy New Year to everyone! My 2013 has been a very busy year both at home and at work. But it is still a happy and blessed year especially since it is the year my family received another wonderful gift - my 2nd daughter Bea. It is also the year I decided to quit my job and so at the start of year 2014 - I am officially a full time mom.I am looking for homebased part time jobs though or an online business perhaps so I can still help my husband in raising money.

Anyway since New Year is all about new beginnings, it is also the time of year when many people are curious about what lies ahead. So news and TVshows nowadays kept on featuring predictions and info about feng shui and the Chinese zodiac signs. 

Year 2014 is the year of the wooden horse and even if Chinese new year is still on January 31, 2014, many people are already wondering if they would be lucky this year. 

I don't really take predictions seriously (especially if it's bad) but I respect ancient knowledge so I see no harm in listening and taking notes on the warnings and predictions based on the Chinese zodiacs. Well I was born in 1978 and that make me an Earth horse so I am hoping it would be a very awesome year. Of course,nothing beats prayer and good deeds to attract good luck!

Here are 2014 Chinese Horoscopes for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs In the Year of Horse.


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