The Best Android Apps for Me

One of the thrills of using android phones is the ability to download mobile apps and games. I have been using android phones for a while and though I am not so fond of games, I have to say that I do find many of the android apps very useful. The fact that most of the apps are free is also a plus factor. I am particularly happy with the following android apps:

E-Book Reader
Thanks to this app, I was able to read a lot of classics,bestseelers and even newly released books for free.

LED Flashlight
This app shines brighter than most flashlights really. I used it as a night light because it helps me put my daughter to sleep and let me save on electricity.

SMS Backup
Just heard about this app a few days ago and I am yet to install it. It will keep a copy of one's deleted messages.

Holy Bible
I really want to read the whole bible and this app is helping me fulfill that goal.

Cool Disney Shows, etc. for Your Kiddos

TV shows can have such a huge influence on kids so I try to try limit the TV viewing time of my children. It can be pretty difficult actually as Sophie has lots of fave TV shows.  It is a good thing that we have cable because she is able to watch good TV shows that are appropriate for her  age . There just aren’t many good children’s shows in the local channels. These are just some of the good TV programs for children that I found. They are entertaining as well as teach good values and basic educational concepts.

Disney Shows

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Teaches problem-solving skills.

Hi-5. This is such a cool show and my daughter actually adores all the members who are all immensely talented in singing and dancing. Highly amusing, fun, educational and inspires my daughter to be creative.

Nickelodeon Shows

Dora the Explorer. Teaches problem-solving skills and makes my daughter really interested in the Spanish language.

Max and Ruby. These two bunnies are really adorable.  

Baby TV Shows

Charlie and the Numbers.
Introduces numbers to children.

Hippa Hippa Hey

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