The Best Android Apps for Me

One of the thrills of using android phones is the ability to download mobile apps and games. I have been using android phones for a while and though I am not so fond of games, I have to say that I do find many of the android apps very useful. The fact that most of the apps are free is also a plus factor. I am particularly happy with the following android apps:

E-Book Reader
Thanks to this app, I was able to read a lot of classics,bestseelers and even newly released books for free.

LED Flashlight
This app shines brighter than most flashlights really. I used it as a night light because it helps me put my daughter to sleep and let me save on electricity.

SMS Backup
Just heard about this app a few days ago and I am yet to install it. It will keep a copy of one's deleted messages.

Holy Bible
I really want to read the whole bible and this app is helping me fulfill that goal.


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