Grammar and Writing Lessons in Funny Songs

These videos got me laughing so hard and at the same time reminded me important grammar rules. The videos actually made me want to apply for a teaching job. Well, maybe someday. I just have to blog and share these videos because I am so happy to find something that are very educational and entertaining at the same time.

Word Crimes by Weird Alyankovic (The man is a genius, really!)

Grammar: Brief and Naughty 8 Parts of Speech

Free Movies Cine Europa 17 this September 2014 at Shang

Movie buffs like me who wish to catch international films for free should not miss the Cine Europa 17 that is happening from September 11-21, 2014 at Shangri-La Plaza’s Shang Cineplex at Edsa, Mandaluyong. 

Kindly check the image to view the movie schedule.

Based from experience, it is Free Admission but tickets are limited so one should be there at least an hour before the sched to get a movie pass to get ticket. They do not allow reservations or  give out tickets hours before the screening time.

This year’s Cine Europa will feature 23 brilliant films from 17 countries. The synopses of the movies to be featured in this film festival are provided below.

Die andere Heimat is an exquisitely-shot black and white film chronicling the life of a young man and his dream of immigrating to South America. A poor but knowledge-hungry son of a blacksmith, the young man is joined in the film by his family, friends, and neighbors and offers a closer look at the societal dynamics in rural Germany.

Loss is the theme of two films, starting with A Second Childhood (Italy) which shows how a couple deals when one of them is discovered to have memory loss.

Bon Voyage (The Netherlands), meanwhile, examines the impending sense of loss experienced by a family whose patriarch is diagnosed to be seriously ill.

A different kind of family is at the core of Vegas (Norway), as three friends who find common ground take refuge in their friendship as they go through their respective journeys. 

In Child’s Pose (Romania), an affluent woman uses her power to keep her son, who is charged with manslaughter, out of prison. 

A kid’s occasional small-time hustles from a ski resort take a dangerous turn in Sister (Switzerland), when the kid partners with a British crook in an effort to provide for himself and his unreliable older sister.

Sean Ellis’ Metro Manila (United Kingdom) returns to Filipino screens as it features the story of Oscar Ramirez and his family, who leave their impoverished but simple life in the rice field regions north of the Philippines in search of fortune in the cruel streets of the city. The official British entry to the 2014 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, Metro Manila stars Jake Ramirez, John Arcilla, and Althea Vega.

 Everybody Famous (Belgium), an amusing account of how a father devises a plan so his daughter, who lacks musical talent, can become the next big star. 

There is also Czech Republic’s Identity Card, which tells of the adventures of four students growing up in communist Czechoslovakia and how their creative and independent souls make them a counterpoint to their country’s totalitarian conventions.

Hungary’s Thorn Castle, about the friendship of two boys who bond over the beauty of nature as they learn how to camp, hunt, and live off the land in the countryside. 

Chinese Puzzle (France) offers a stark contrast as it takes place in New York where a man decides to move after his ex-wife brings their children there, following their divorce.

The film, which stars acclaimed French stars Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou, is the third film in director Cédric Klapisch’s Spanish Apartment trilogy.

Audiences will roar with laughter with Scialla! (Italy) when a melancholy professor discovers that the rebellious teenager he’s tutoring is actually his son. 

The Netherlands’ Mister Twister – Class of Fun, about a young substitute teacher’s unique teaching antics. His style earns him the affection of his students but will a rule-obsessed principal keep him from being the cool one?

The Godmother (Romania) takes off when an American mother and wife, who has a brilliant teaching career in Bucharest, finds herself in the middle of a real gangster story after her husband is found out to be laundering money for a local mobster. The heroine forms her own family mafia to fight off her family’s enemies and gets help from unusual characters along the way. 

In Ice Dragon (Sweden), an 11-year-old boy sets off on an adventure as he flees his alcoholic father and brother. A lovable tale that includes whales, fishing, friends, and first love, Ice Dragon was a well-received children’s film in its home country.

Also in the line-up is Denmark’s The Hunt, which is a stirring account of how one small lie changed a man’s life. The film was nominated in the 2014 Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film. 

Lóve (Slovakia) promises to be a gripping action drama, as it reveals the tale of a man who is keen on shedding his criminal past in order to live a normal life with the woman he loves.

A gathering of Spain’s most stellar male actors, A Gun in Each Hand is a musical film that shows eight confused and perplexed men in their forties who have to deal with identity crisis. 

Another Spanish film is the delightful animated feature The Missing Lynx, which follows a bunch of animals as they set off to save their fellows from being kidnapped and used in experiments.

Something sweet awaits film buffs in Two-Seater Rocket (Austria), which tells of Manuel’s great efforts to build best friend Mia’s childhood dream to win her heart.

 The work of the world’s best researchers, oceanographers, and biologists commences with Planet Ocean (Switzerland), which vividly transports viewers to the deepest, most wondrous parts of the Earth, all in a call to respect The Blue Planet in which we live.

For inquiries, call 370-2500 loc. 597. Visit the Shang’s Facebook page at Follow Shang on Instagram: @shangrilaplazaofficial.

NBI Clearance Application Practical Tips

Okay so I need to apply for an NBI clearance as it is one of the pre-employment requirements in my new job. So I went to Mandaluyong City Hall at around 8am because NBI has a satellite office there. The last time I have to apply for an NBI was eons ago and I don’t remember it being such a stressful task so I was shocked to see the long lines when I arrived. Gosh, I actually thought I was early.

Since the line is super long, I decided to just go home and get my NBI in another satellite office, Robinsons Galleria the next day. While I am in the process of getting my NBI, I kind of felt sad for my fellow Filipinos. It’s depressing that obtaining a common pre-employment form can be such a burden. So to somehow help, I’ve come up with some tips for future NBI Clearance applicants:

Do a research about the NBI Office. It pays to ask around to know which NBI office delivers faster and greater service. For example, the NBI Satellite Office in Mandaluyong has don’t give out queue numbers and the system is a little unorganized.

Unlike in Robinsons Galleria where they have a separate line for online applicants and upon arriving, the guard will give you a number that indicates the time when you can return for the processing. This means that you can drop by early to get a number then just come back to line up. 

Look for connections and other faster ways. There was a time when my mother needs an NBI form asap but she got a hit and the NBI people said that it will take at least about a week to get the clearance. We really can’t wait that long so we asked the help of a police officer who is a family friend and guess what; we got the form after a day.

Also in Rob Galle, the guards already give out numbers around 9 pm for NBI processing the next day. So if you have a friend who works there, you can actually ask that friend to get you a number.
Apply Online. I think it is a must to apply online- NBI Online. At least you do not have to line up just for the form and are assured that your application will be processed.

Be there early. As I said in other NBI offices, all applicants (online and walk-ins) are required to get a number and it is on a first-come first-served basis. I think in Rob Galle, the guards stop giving out numbers to walk-in applicants at around 12pm.

I actually applied online, was at Galleria at around 9 am and my number says that I can start lining up at around 1 pm. I was done by 3pm.

Be Patient. Yes, you need tons of these. Don’t expect that it will be fast and easy and yes expect to line up. You will line up for the form, to pay, for the biometrics, and gosh even for the releasing. Well, we are yet to see the day when Filipinos would get better services from the government.

Expect to get a hit. I think there is something new with the NBI system because I feel more people are actually getting hits nowadays. Some people who get no hits before (that includes me) are surprised because they suddenly have a hit.

Try to be productive. Well, it can be really boring and time consuming so it won’t hurt if you would bring a book or other things that will allow you to be productive even while lining up.

That’s it, hope it will somehow help!

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