Gone Girl Book Review Haunting and Creepy

I love reading and I have always been the type who gets engrossed and attached to the story and the characters. So much that I literally want to see them come to life or somehow meet them in the hallways. Many times, I would find myself rushing, reading as fast as I can because I can’t wait to know the ending. But then, when I am finally finished, I feel this weak sadness and sometimes longing that it is not yet the end, that there is something more.

The above perfectly describe what I felt when I read “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn.   
I downloaded the e-book because of the blockbuster status of the movie which I simply refuse to watch it until I read the book.

The mystery novel started with the perfect hook, then gets my emotion to go up then down then up again making Gone Girl one of the most exciting and haunting and books I have read.

It seems that the sympathy I feel for the characters shifts as I flip the pages (or as I click the pages since it is an e-book). The first half, I feel so sorry for Amy then on the second half I began to pity Nick. Then I  on whose side should I be because both have a reason to be  

The book got me intrigued and amazed because of how it depicts marriage and a little sad because it is true that marriage can indeed get that ugly, you know transform someone into monster-like character.

I actually shared the story to my husband who discouraged me from further reading it saying it put bad ideas in my head (lol). A comment I once read about the book in an online review site said that it is one of those movies that make you feel lucky you are single.

This book deals with marriage and the complex characteristics of an individual and how sometimes (maybe most of time) things are never really what it seems. It deals with secrets and a lot on gender sensitive issues such as the roles that men and women play in marriage and how there is a need to control and dominate. Creepy and depressing is another way to describe it because it can clearly happen in real life.

Finally, Gone Girl is a must-read and a must-see because it is not one of those stories where you can easily foretell the ending. It is a welcome change from the usual stories we read and see owadays with same storyline and same conflict and utter lack of creativity. Now I can’t wait to see the movie!


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