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I was checking my past emails one day when I chance upon a story that I started nine years ago. The opening line and the first few sentences got me hook. Unfortunately, I can’t remember how I wanted to finish my story so it feels like searching for a missing puzzle piece. I am now working on finishing this story and while at it, I discovered wattpad- a site where experienced and budding writers can share their talents.

It’s been too long since I last finished a creative piece and I hope to write a poem or short story again soon.  It’s ironic how working as a writer for a company where you have to take note of rules and guidelines somehow zapped up my creativity.
Anyway, while trying to figure out how to give that story an ending, I decided to post a story on Wattpad. 
 “A night full of stars makes me want to sing,” Clarisse dreamily declares to her companion who doesn’t seem to be listening. She is openly staring at the star-filled sky through his car’s open window; while Gabriel, her supposed best friend is busy utilizing the faint light of a small flashlight to somehow make out the words in the huge political science book. They are in the secluded area of a public park famous for stray lovers during the night.

“A stick, a stone, it’s the end of the road…” Clarisse starts to sing, swaying her head to the tune, seemingly enjoying herself. “It’s the rest of the stump, it’s a little alone…” she raises her voice obviously desperate to capture Gabriel’s attention.
Gabriel winces in fascination, scratch his head, and then look at her with bafflement, “What are you doing?”

“Singing!” Clarisse says in a matter of fact tone. “Waters of March, that’s my favorite song you know,” she enthusiastically informs. When he pathetically reacts to this by going back to reading, she adds, “I bet you didn’t know that and you’re supposed to be my best buddy,” she lightly laughs quite expecting him to do the same.

“Uh huh…” Gabriel says, preoccupied with some vague terms in law.
A long silence follows. Clarisse’s eyes are momentarily locked in the majestic display up high. When she speaks again, there is a quality of longing and sadness in her voice and her words are wrapped with meaning. “Like all the stars that are shining right now at this exact moment. We will never ever see them. Perhaps like all the things you don’t know about me,” she says slowly.
“What?” he asks disinterested but quite amused by his companion’s sudden outburst of sentiments.

“The shiny glitters at night actually twinkled millions of years ago.”
“Oh yeah,” he carelessly replies.

“All the stars that are shining right now, great beauty unknown to us and will only reach the eyes of our great, great grandchildren millions of years from now. I wonder if they’re any different from the starlight we see today. You see—“
“My! My! When will he arrive? What’s taking him so long?” he snaps, unable to contain his impatience any longer.
This interrupts Clarisse’s speech and attempts. The truth of his cold indifference hits her. She gazes at the book he is holding quite with envy, realizing she can never let him see.
For it might look like they are lovers out on a date. But they are just stranded on this place due to an unexpected car trouble. They are really on their way to a friend’s house for a group study and they have already contacted this friend for help; but they’ve been waiting for two hours. Gabriel’s irritation starts to surface because he can’t wait to study. He desperately needs a magnacumlaude title.
Luckily a few minutes passed and Arvin finally arrived. There is a playful smirk on his face that arouses one’s suspicion. His curious gaze went from Gabriel to Clarisse who in turn gave him a ‘don’t you even ask’ look…
This all took place ten years ago and now lay imbedded in Gabriel’s forgotten memory. After ten years, he can now boast of success, for he graduated summacumlaude and is now one of the finest lawyers in the country. This evening he is on his way to a conference-seminar on law to be held in a hotel.
Yet as he drives his car, his mind is into something else. He is thinking about Clarisse whom he hasn’t seen nor talks to in the last eight years. She left the country to work abroad. Much to his dismay, she had to leave a month before his wedding day. He was disappointed then, wanting her to be present on his special day. He remembers their last conversation as very formal; after that they lost touch and she glided out of his life.

But Arvin whom he sees and talks to regularly informed him that Clarisse is in town. Naturally, he is looking forward to seeing her again. He is thinking maybe he’ll visit her or call her as he parks his car. He is imagining lengthy conversations, like it used to be. A smile appears on his face, as he figures out what Clarisse would look like after eight long years. He is in the lobby of the hotel now, on his way to the gathering when---

Like an answered prayer, a familiar face greets his sight. Clarissse, a few distances away from him is getting out of an elevator. Surprise and excited, his face lights up and his spirit are lifted. Gabriel moves towards her, about to call her name when from behind Clarisse a gentleman emerge and smoothly takes her hands.

In awe, Gabriel stands in silence watching as they go. He wants to follow them, to still declare his presence to Clarisse. But there is that stunned look on his face now and he looks really hurt. Withdrawing his gaze away from them, he turned to proceed where he’s supposed to but he suddenly feels dizzy and scared. Something about what he just witnessed slashed a big slab of his stability. As he is about to push the elevator button, he finds out he cannot. He feels so heavy inside, like he will collapse any minute. Giving up to the pain, he dashes to the hotel exit in a hurry and into his car; barely aware of what he is doing or why--

And in that cool calm night keeps on driving. He drives way too fast not knowing where he’s headed, not a care; just this intense feeling that he has to escape, to vanish. He feels so torn and he can’t understand.

He must have gone far when feeling unbelievably weak; he suddenly halts the car to a stop in the middle of a dark road. He buries his face in his hands and a thousand questions yell in his mind. “What is happening to me?” he asks with alarm. He should be nothing but glad for Clarisse’s found happiness.

Yet something about this dig deep into the core of his heart and the emotions that burst so new and raw, he can lose his mind. Feeling trapped, he opens his car window for some air and for the first time realized where he is. He is in the same public park where he and Clarisse were stranded years ago. He firmly closes his eyes and like the rush of a million falling stars, the memory of that night rolls back into his thoughts. Strangely, so clear and complete…
In his mind, he sees and hears it all—the song, the conversations, the nervous laugh, the pauses, her desperation, his apathy, Arvin’s smirks, the silence and the tension that follows. He realized—that it was the night Clarisse had tried to break the high hard walls of their friendship. How in the most subtle and creative manner, she tried to open up to him, letting him into the deepest part of her, wanting him to see her in a new light.
He finally understands—that Clarisse had fallen in love with him and how he unknowingly tremendously broke her heart. And that he also feels the same way—unconsciously hidden all these years.

He opens his eyes and meets the wide dark sky adorned with stars. Recalling Clarisse’s sentiments about millions of starlight they will never get to witness; Gabriel’s tears starts to flow, remorse and regret colliding—for after all these years the light of his love for her finally reached his heart.
Still pain must end. For he has a son and a wife waiting and Clarisse has a life of her own. But for this lone night, he will cry and stare at the stars wallowing in despair—a silent cruel tribute for a love that would never be. 


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