Birthday Greetings and Mary Grace Cakes

My birthday month is about to end so I want to finish this blog post now. So what did I do for my birthday? Well first, I celebrated it a week in advance at the office. We had no task that day and nothing to do after lunch and while we are thinking of dessert, the idea to eat at Mary Grace came up. I am scheduled to treat them for my birthday so I relented when they asked if I can do it in advance.

I am not too fond of sweets but would not turn down an offer to eat at Mary Grace Cafe anytime. I love the warm rustic ambiance that is calming and soothing. The place is very charming with tiny flower vases out of mason jars, tea candles, and handwritten messages. They also play music from classic plays like Les Miserables that one of my officemates joked that we are actually in Paris.  

Of course, the cakes are heavenly too. It is thick and rich and yummy, but not too sweet. We requested for water and the water they served has refreshing lemon slices which is perfect for sweets because it takes away the “umay” taste. The cake is a bit pricey though and the fee includes service charge but it is a good experience to eat here. I would definitely come back.


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