Cool Private Pool in Antipolo 3B Resthouse

Our department in the office recently had a teambuilding and I can’t say that it was a good one. It was rushed, poorly planned, and so many opted not to join. Anyway, in spite of all that, we managed to have a good time and I believe the choice of venue contributed a lot.

We stayed at 3B Resthouse in Antipolo and I like this resort because it is perfect for family events. This resort in Antipolo has six private pools available for rent and each one has three floors that you are free to use for at least eleven hours I guess.
You will find the pool, karaoke, and dining area at the bottom floor. You can bring ready-to-eat food or opt to cook here since this floor is also equipped with a gas range and a grilling area. To get your money’s worth, I guess it’s better to cook here since gas is part of the bill.
The middle floor is where you will find the three bedrooms, two restrooms, and a lounge area.  Each bedroom is also furnished with three beds. If you have programs or activities, you have a spacious function room on the top floor. This place is great for retreat or bonding activities because the place is quiet, relaxing, and in fairness it is clean. 

I also think the rates are affordable. These are the private pool rates in this Antipolo resort as indicated in their official Facebook page:
3B 1-4: Php6,000 for 11 hours
3B 5: Php7,000 for 11 hours
3B 6: Php10,000 for 11 hours (with aircon & good for 20-30 pax)
Check out the pics below:


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