Earthly Senses Spa Experience

My husband and I badly need some rest and relaxation so I purchased two vouchers for 1-hour body scrub and massage in a group buying site.
Reservation is a must so hubby called right away but it was not so easy since the spa has full schedule on weekends. So I thought, if the place is always that jampacked, then their services might be good.
So on our scheduled date, we arrived at Earthly Senses Spa located along San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas, Pasig early. The girl at the reception welcomed us to inform that we availed the 30-minute body scrub and 30-minute massage but if we want to extend the massage to make it an hour, we only need to add P160. We considered it for a while but opted to decline since it doesn't sound worth it.

Anyway, this spa in Ortigas seems strict when it comes to reservations, yet we were accommodated about 15 minutes later than our supposed sched.
The therapist led us into the massage room which got me a bit bothered because they have no changing room.  They did not give us any towel or robe too. It's great that I am with my husband, but what if I am with a casual friend -undressing may become awkward and uncomfortable.  Another point- they don’t have a locker, a small cabinet, or perhaps even a small table where I can put my things.Sadly, my bag ended up on the floor.  I also find the room too bright for comfort and the instrumental music on the background a bit distracting. I wish they would just turn it off.

I don’t want to sound too whiny here so I must say that generally, the scrub and massage went well although I think they put too little of that cream for me to feel lathered and fresh. Can I also say that I feel so exposed the entire session because while the therapist massages my arms for example, my other body parts are not covered with blanket. When my body was scrubbed with a wet towel, I felt cold because there was a ceiling fan. I also wish they made us shower first because scrubbing right away seems unsanitary. The sheets and the towels don’t look so clean too.

For good points, this spa center can boast of a good location and they do have that relaxing ambiance in the lobby. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to scout other spa centers which can give better services. 


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